Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Burning Stripes Sock Pattern Announcement

Knit Striped Socks!

After hours of editing and revising and help from my wonderful tech editor, Amy, I've posted the revised version of the Burning Stripes sock pattern. These socks have tricky details which are actually quite easy to execute. In fact, the design represents my solution to the problems I had knitting striped socks.

What you see is a jazzy striped sock with multi-colored stripes and an interesting heel.

Knitting one is not as difficult as it might look. With the right yarn and this pattern, these socks are very easy to knit. I've spent the time finding that these colorways work together, developing an easy and attractive way of carrying the unused yarn, and adapting a boomerang heel to incorporate the stripes. In fact, this may be the only pattern which includes instructions for a boomerang heel with yarn overs.

The instructions are for knitting from the cuff of the sock down to the toe. However, the boomerang heel is a short-row heel design which will allow a knitter who is familiar with toe-up construction to knit these socks from the toe up to the cuff. Those interested in toe-up socks should look at my Daylong sock pattern. It includes a toe-up version that uses the same boomerang heel as the Burning Stripes pattern.

I hope this pattern will make knitting these socks fun and easy and encourage knitters to try a boomerang heel. The pattern offers 3 sizes and suggestions on improving fit. Detailed heel instructions, including a section on knitting a boomerang heel, are included in the pattern.

I'm so excited!  Thank you for all the support and patronage through these years.  It's been fun and kept me on my toes.  However, all good things must end sometime and this little run is so over.  I can not answer any questions or offer any support on this pattern, but it is now FREE.  Seriously.  Just click the link below, or the link below it to the Ravelry page for the pattern.
download now
Here's the link to the Ravelry pattern page: Burning Stripes socks on Ravelry