Saturday, June 24, 2023

Using Vogue 9258 to make a white summer top

A simple black skirt meets a fancy white and black top. Will they be compatible? Read this to find out! Vogue 9258 is the subject of a few reviews that indicate it runs small. For that reason, my first version was quickly sewn up in a Feathery Leaf Sketch Printed Linen, 2 yards, 42" wide, $21.   This fabric was listed as a misprint and was offered at a discount by Fabrics and Fabrics. My assumption was that there was an error in the appearance of the print, one that I could perhaps cut around. Instead, it is too much ink throughout the printed motif. There was so much dye or ink applied in this print that the black areas are stiff. After washing, the white softened a bit but the black remained stiff. Since the pattern sketch of this Vogue top appears to show it standing away from the body, i.e. not draping, this linen seemed a logical choice for a wearable toile. There was one benefit from the excess ink in that it secured the cut edges, making it possible to get by with simply pinking the edges instead of a more time-consuming finish. (I had tried open flat fell, and had considered overcast or bias-bound finishing before realizing that the edges just weren't raveling.) With that, it sewed together quite quickly.

The size 16, the largest size in this bundled size, looks ok, but a size 14 will definitely work for the next version. The only modification I made was to move the dart point down by 1". This make used purchased single fold bias binding and 4 buttons from my button box, that is it.I like it well enough. I might make it again, but I would rather try the version without buttons. That one has a keyhole opening in the back, with a single button.

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