Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Burgundy Vines Circle Skirt

The first version of this skirt was made with a remnant and McCalls 8205.  The fabric, from JoAnns, (916773228) 108" wide 100% cotton, two pieces a little over 3/4 of a yard long, total cost $9.25, was cut cross grain because it gave me more length.  It would probably be a little easier to sew the curved seams cut properly.  This is obviously quilting cotton because it was 108" wide, therefore wide enough to use for quilt backing.  It is a modified circle skirt with a shaped waistband and back zipper.  Although a wearable toile, it is about 2" too big in size XL and a little short. The pockets are a little different from the usual side pockets in that they are sewn into the waistband.  They are also large and sewn into the side seam for a couple of inches top and bottom.  Things should stay in them without the usual falling out when I sit.  The directions omit the instruction to sew the pockets to the back and front, but that is what is needed before sewing the side seam.  There should be a 1/4" seam in the seam allowance, four pocket pieces sewn to front and back on each side.

The interfacing I used was fusible because this waistband needs to be sturdy--it supports the skirt but still will ride up and down. I followed the instructions for hemming, first making sure the hem was cut as correctly on the pattern curve as possible.  It took a long time to pin and sew such a long hem but it wasn't difficult.

By far, this is the cutest thing I have made.  I will definitely make it again, probably with another quilting cotton.  It needs to be either a size L or somewhere in between L and XL, and long enough to hem easily. 

The unexpected success of that first version spurred me to a second in a linen/cotton beige
stripe fabric that I bought early on in my fabric shopping.  The piece was from JoAnns and was 1 1/2 yards long and 56" wide.  It sold for $14.99/yd. for a total of  $22.49.  It is a little fancy with a shiny stripe through it, Lurex.  (179310724 56" 56% cotton, 43% linen 1% lurex.  Hand wash, line dry, cool iron. 4.
6 oz/sq yd.)  This version is Size L, View A, with an added 1" in length.  There was enough fabric for the slightly longer shortest length option and the yoke and facings, but only 2 pockets.  The other 2 pockets were cut out of the brown (Potting Soil) linen blend that I consider too stiff for apparel.  Getting all 4 yoke/facing pieces was difficult; one was cut on wrong side as a result.  Managed a more matching one out of the scraps.  This size works well, but future versions will need more than 1 1/2 yards unless it is actually 60" wide fabric. 

In sewing and fitting, I modified all four waistband seams to be less than 5/8" at the top, so simply less tapered.  This may have added a little to the finished band, but it still measures 34" on the inside at the top.  If I make this again, I would add 1/2" to the center back and front, (all pieces) then adjust to fit as I like.  That would put it between the L and XL.  This version is too short for my taste.  The next version should be cut 3-4" longer.

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