Sunday, March 23, 2014

Knitting Knee Socks, Daylong-style

I have knit a few pairs knee-high socks in the last couple of years, some of which have brought requests for instructions.  I'm starting with the easy ones.  These two are based on my Daylong Socks, Toe Up pattern.  I recently revised this pattern and posted the update on Ravelry. 

My main purpose in the revision was to consolidate all three pattern files into one listing.  Now both the cuff-down and the toe-up version are available with one purchase for only $3.99.  I decided not to revise the version which combined the two into one pattern.  I wrote that pattern to offer a price reduction to those who wanted both versions.  Now that I have made both available for one price, I don't need the combination version. 

The first pair of knee socks I knit, shown in the photo below, served as both test-knit and model for the pattern.
I blogged about these when I was developing the pattern.  I love the yarn and the comfort of these socks.  However, they don't stay up as well as I'd like.  I tried to fix that with my next pair.

I ended the ribbing early to allow for gradual calf increases and to add a turned hem that would hold elastic. These stay up better.  They are 100% alpaca, though.  While warm, the fabric is a bit floppy and inelastic. 

Both of these are good methods of knitting simple knee socks.  And, as we in the U.S. know, after this last winter, some days there is a real need for knee socks.  I've been very glad I knit these.  If you'd like to try a pair, I have posted the instructions as a supplement to my Daylong pattern.  If you have purchased the pattern, you can download it for free.  I will send the link out to all purchasers.

If you haven't purchased the pattern yet, you can buy it on the Daylong Ravelry page or by clicking the link below.  The knee socks supplement will be downloaded together with both the toe-up and cuff-down versions.
Just $3.99!
Susan Luni's Daylong Socks, with knee-high socks supplement

One last (silly) hint.  If you are having trouble getting your hand-knit knee socks to stay up, try wearing them under skinny jeans or leggings.  I've even worn them outside my skinny jeans, like leg warmers--very warm, but not likely to start a fashion trend.

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Mardel said...

I haven't worn knee socks in a long while, or knit them either, but I've been thinking I could use a pair or two. I'm sure I will get to it eventually.