Sunday, October 20, 2013

Resurfacing my knitting

Glub, glub, splash, GASP! 

That's the sound of my head coming above water.  Finally.  Now that all the excitement and hard work is over, I find myself--in a different state.  Literally. We have moved.  Since our last move inspired me to start this blog, I am waiting to see what this one will inspire.  While I wait, I knit and take photos.

A different house requires, for me, new dishtowels.  I had some fingering weight cotton and linen blend yarn on hand that would look good in the kitchen.  Actually, these neutral colors would look good in any kitchen.  Colors--good;  stitch pattern--not sure; but I puzzled it out in the first towel.
I started with two strands held together, but soon decided that was only necessary for the edge of the towel.  Next, I tried the slip-stitch pattern that had worked well for the dishcloth. 

After a few repeats, I switched to something simpler, my Gridded Towel pattern. (See the link in the sidebar of this blog.) Not simple enough.  I wanted something that showed off the nubby yarn.

Plain stockinette does display the yarn, but it makes a slinky dishtowel in this lightweight yarn. 

The yarn shop owner who sold me the white yarn told me that she bought it for a tank top pattern.  She's right, this would make a nice summer top, not a practical dishtowel. 

But now that it is a dishtowel, it needs friends.  Friends that come quick and easy.  Garter stitch to the rescue.
This one is almost done now.  After it is blocked, there'll be another photo shoot of it and the third one I just started.  I think I'm onto something here with these fingering-weight towels.

Now I'll shift to something else I'm on to, or at least into--my new home.  Right after we moved in, we enjoyed the first snow of the season, about 5 inches!

It was pretty, especially with the contrast of the golden aspen.  However, it is all melted now.  I'll have to settle for the view a couple of blocks down.

At least there is snow on top of the mountains. 

For the curious, I did start to write a post about my move, but never got back to it once I got too busy with house selling/buying.  There were several reasons we decided to leave Colorado.  Once I get it all sorted out in my head, I'll explain.  For now, it is easier to write about knitting.