Sunday, October 28, 2012

Knitting Lull

Yesterday, as I inspected a small knitting project I had just washed and folded, I had a quick impression that it was the first project I had finished since my recent sweater.  As usual with me, my first take was not the true one.  There hasn't been as much of a lull in my knitting as there has been in my photographing and posting.  What follows is the start of a little catch-up, in reverse order, until I get tired or the dryer load finishes.

This towel and dishcloth set is wrapped and ready to be mailed. I found knitting with Hobby Lobby's I Love This Cotton more rewarding than plain dishcloth cotton ever since I first used it for the baby blanket. The leftovers from that big project have produced several cloths and towels. This set is to be posted as a gift to our hostess for our recent trip to the northeast US. It was a pleasant time to visit the Mid-Atlantic and New England states. The leaves were turning,

the sailboats were crossing Chesapeake Bay, and

the walk to the lighthouse was fine.

The long drives gave me a chance to finish the second of my pair of Tsunami socks.

Sadly, I have to stop this positive report to confess that I didn't the blue-faced leicester wool. I'd heard so much about it that I was willing to pay a premium price for this hand-dyed silk and bfl blend sock yarn. I knew it might be a bit harsh to knit, but understood that the resulting socks would be worth the difficulty. So far, I'm not impressed. This pair feels quite rough compared to my usual merino socks, with none of the silkiness I'd expected. Perhaps they will wear better? If so, I'll correct this criticism later. I liked the Tsunami pattern, though.

The trip also gave me the chance to secure a second ball of yarn for the baby kimono I'd started before we left. Here is is, modeled by the recipient of those baby blankets--

Her gratitude for being swaddled in hand knit items is not reflected in her modeling cooperation. Maybe the little hat made her nervous? It could have reminded her of the ones they put on her in the hospital.  It will need to be ripped out and reknit larger when I see her next.  I'm afraid the real truth is that she doesn't like turquoise as much as her mother does. Never mind, I made her a green sweater for when she is a bit bigger.

This one is from the first One Skein book and uses the recommended yarn, Blue Sky Organic Cotton. It was so cute, I made her a red one as well. Maybe I can get a modeled shot of it soon, since I didn't get a very good photo of it before I gave it to her. After reviewing this, I can only conclude that this series of little knits made me think I hadn't been knitting. They must be like party eating, a little here, a little there, you never knew you ate, but the scale says you did!

I've got one bigger project to show, but since the dryer is buzzing (actually, K is calling me), I'll save it for later.