Saturday, November 19, 2022


Back when I was building up my sewing arsenal, this was my first attempt at making something from a pdf pattern, using the free Sorbetto pattern by Colette and 1 yard of white lightweight linen from the Fabrics Store. The fabric was a "doggie bag" cut and was only $5. It was enough for Version 3 of Sorbetto in a size 8. That was the smallest size that I had chosen for any pattern in the past year, but it fits my measurements of 37" bust and 39" hips with a few inches of ease. The finished measurements are of 41" bust and 44" hips. There is little waist shaping, so I will ignore that difficult subject, except for shortening the bodice 1" to allow for a higher waistline. The bust dart (thank goodness it has one) was moved 1" lower and reduced to 1" wide (taking in 2"). As a result, the front was 1/2" too long and needed trimming. Trimming it shorter wasn't really a concern, since this should be a shorter top overall to look good with skirts. There is a tuck at the neckline that is sewn down at the hem. To be cautious, it was hemmed without the tuck but that could be topstitched later. The hem is topstitched. The sleeves are cut 1/2" longer. This change and the shorter bodice are now part of the pattern. Not bad for $5.

I have decided that I like this pattern and may make it again. Since linen is not the best fabric for it, I looked on line to see what other fabrics have been used by other sewing bloggers. The short answer is LOTS. This pattern has been available for years, allowing for so many variations and modifications. Since I am still finding it a bit uncomfortable to wear, I should try cutting a larger size and/or using a softer fabric.

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