Sunday, January 29, 2017

Finishing up the 2016 knitting

I've always been susceptible to the swings of fashion.  Style trends have an immediate impact on my purchases.  However, when a trend impacts my yarn purchases, it takes longer to show up in my wardrobe--like years longer.  This delay is caused by two factors: first, the time it takes to knit a garment; and second, the task of disposing of the out-of-fashion yarn I own.  Although knitting a wearable item usually doesn't take more than a month or two, using or disposing of yarn I've bought and not used immediately can take years, significantly affecting my desire to be on-trend.

Since my knitting production was being slowed down by a stash of yarn that was old, out-of-date or otherwise not to my liking, I determined to get rid of it.  Some, I knitted up, finishing up hats to match mittens, knitting accessories from yarn left over from sweater projects, and restyling unsatisfactory items. 

First, there was a hat to match those whimsical mittens.  Years ago, inspired by the cover of a Vogue Knitting issue, I worked up a mitten.  It sat as a sort of art piece for years until I decided upon the design of its mate.  The first mitten, in the code of the design, bore the message: I (eye) love (heart) to (II) knit.  The second mitten was graced with I love wool.  I had enough red yarn left over to pair with some worsted weight angora for a similar, if not matching, hat.  There's also a cowl, but it is even less acceptable than the hat.  However, that was one long-planned project done and one small bit of yarn used.  There's more photos of the mittens in this earlier post.

Then there was a cowl to match the hat I knitted when the brioche craze hit. I was happy enough with the hat knitted from leftover sock yarn that I went out and bought yarn for a cowl at the next wool festival.  The yarn is premium alpaca and a joy to touch and wear.

Next, I ripped out an unsatisfactory edging on a shawl and knit a new, softer and simpler one.

Lastly, I knit a stranded hat and cowl set out of yarn left over from another sweater. 
All these final finishing up type projects nearly complete the clean up of my stash.  Encouraged by the result, I planned to completely use or dispose of all the old yarn.  "NO MORE STASH." I proclaimed.

Then nature threw me a curve ball that I turned into a home run.  Never mind that the referee called it a foul, I still hit it out of the park.  I will explain in the next post.


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