Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Knitting

New knitting, as in knitting in New Mexico, I mean to say.  Summer has begun here in our new home.  Once begun, it is nearly over, with occasional chilly days to remind us of the coming winter--time to start knitting! 
Often, however, the weather here is perfect--sunny with occasional light showers, never hot, seldom even warm.  I am quite busy, much busier here than I was in Colorado.  Not that Colorado was dull, but there are more "amenities" here.  The ski area is much closer, as is the golf course and the fitness center.  The lake, as I mentioned in my first post about our move, is just down the block.  A bit of it can be seen from our house. 
It is the house, as well as the amenities, that fills my time.  I've been painting, refinishing, shopping and decorating.  Combining that with exercise, golf, canoeing, and shopping really packs a full schedule.  I'm worn out, but much better exercised that I was.  I know Colorado is a "healthy" state, but this proves "health" is largely a matter of convenience.   In  Colorado, we drove all over the state, combining work with sightseeing.  Here, we are fully retired.  We drive only to nearby destinations, usually the same places repeatedly, but getting out and doing more as soon as we arrive.

And is there knitting here?  You bet.  There's a yarn shop right here in town, as well as a quilt shop (I've been to both).  Then there's the yarn shops in Taos, and the weaving center in Mora, where they sell knitting yarn as well as weaving yarn.

And, and, well.  I am still knitting argyle.  Oh my, am I knitting argyle!  I've finished another pair of argyle socks.  These are a bit different, loosely based on a pair in the vintage argyle pattern pamphlet I bought on eBay. 

From 3 Sleeves to the Wind

I couldn't resist, once I looked at the photo above, calling attention to my poor big toe, the one up in the air. It's been held up a bit more than usual lately, ever since I fought a New Mexico rock into place in one of my flower beds. I fought, but the rock won. Score: one for the rock, and a broken toe for me. That was almost a month ago. I'm pretty much back to normal now. That's why I can put a sock on that foot. My conclusion is that summer is a good time to break toes--I can wear sandals.

Warm enough for sandals, but cool enough to knit, it's been great weather that has allowed me to knit a sweater--an argyle sweater, of course.

From 3 Sleeves to the Wind

Well, that ought to cut down on my followers!  So few are interested in knitting argyle.  If I didn't like the looks of it so much, I would never have tackled it either.  It is a pain to deal with the hanging bits.  Otherwise, it is much more fun than other knitting.  The pain is mitigated by the interesting complexity and the beautiful result.  And the real bonus is that argyle is popular golf attire.  I may start an argyle vest!

I've had to post the photos through Picasa links--looks like my software is as broken as my toe. Don't follow those links for more info on my projects. You can find that in Ravelry: Argyle socks
Argyle sweater.


AlleRaa said...

Lovely sweater and socks! I love argyle.

Rachelle said...

I think I like the jersey best, but then I'm a fan of traditional argyle and it is on my list of things to make.