Sunday, February 16, 2014

Knitting my Hitinis

Now that I have finished the design work and knit through the pattern sizes and versions to check for errors, I started a pair of socks in my Hitini pattern just for fun and for me.  The pairs I knit while developing the pattern don't fit me as well as I'd like.  My feet are actually between the two sizes I wrote in the pattern, about 7-7.5" around. To get a better fit, I took a little time and my few remaining little balls of leftover sock yarn to produce a toe-up pair.

These are getting a little attention on Ravelry. I expected they might, since the colors jump a bit more than the others I knit from this pattern. Working within my dwindling supply of sock yarn leftovers forced me into some questionable color choices. If nothing else, I can take a lesson from them--it is best to stay within the same tones if you want quiet socks. If you want loud socks, though, including a few light colors will add some zing.

The sizing changes I made in this pair work for me. I have skinny feet and pointed toes. I started with the 8" toe on a size 1 needle and was surprised to find the foot was still too large. Just changing to a smaller needle wasn't enough. I ripped back and followed the instructions for the 6" toe. Then I increased the instep stitches to the total needed for the 8" before starting the foot. This mix of the two sizes worked to produce a toe around 7", but I think it would have a smoother transition if I had started with the 6" instep pattern and gradually increased both the sole and instep through the foot. As it is, I increased only the sole from mid-foot to the heel to reach the 8" size requirement. After the heel, the ankle turned out to be a bit tight. Just changing to a size 2 needle solved that problem. The sock looked a bit of a mess and seemed tight, but blocking smoothed and relaxed it completely.
All these maneuvers are just for me and my odd feet. I have explained them in case they might help someone who wants to adjust the fit of the toe-up version. I don't think sizing in the cuff-down version will be a problem, since all that is needed with that version is to continue the gusset decreases until the foot fits well.

I hope to have the final version ready to publish in the next couple of weeks.  However, both K and I are suffering through with colds.  As a result, our February isn't progressing as quickly as I had planned.
Even with a cold, though, I can still knit.  I have finished a shawl and some striped socks--potential topics for my next post!

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Mardel said...

I've loved all the iterations of your hititinis. I probably look for the pattern whenever it shows up.

I'm currently working on perfecting fit for my own foot in a pair of simple toe-up socks. It is a completely different challenge from top down and I'm finding it interesting.