Friday, January 17, 2014

Knitting self-striping Hitinis

In order to see how self-striping yarn would look in my Hitini pattern, I picked a couple of balls of one of my favorite yarns from my stash.  Maxime Print, a soft and durable merino blend, has been discontinued, but it has much in common with other self-striping sock yarns--those that produce stripes in three or four colors and a section of alternating colors that is intended to resemble a fair-isle pattern.  I guessed the rather dull stripe pattern would benefit from some zig-zags. 

When I realized I didn't have a matching solid sock yarn to pair with this blue and gray yarn, I chose a dk weight wool and bamboo blend. I had a problem with my first pair of Hitinis being too small and thought this heavier yarn would make the socks a bit larger. It did. The first sock, knit on size 2s in the leg and a size 1 in the heel and foot, is a good fit. However, in the second sock, I became overconfident of my gauge. Staying with the size 2 needles all the way to the toe made the second sock larger than the first. The heel flap of the second sock is noticeably larger.Also, due to the longer foot, the flap sits even higher on my heel.

I should reknit the toe, but I stubbornly hang on to the hope that the sock might shrink a bit with multiple washings. Time will tell.
Instead of reknitting this pair, I'm eyeing a couple of other balls of Maxime print I have, in a brown/rust colorway. I know I have several solid color sock yarns that will look nice with it.

At the same time, I am assembling a basket of blue leftovers for another pair from sock yarn scraps, thinking of trying a different stitch pattern with the Hitini color sequence. Actually, there's only one thing to do when torn between two projects--cast on for both!

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