Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Knitting the second Hitini

After I knit the one toe-up chevron-patterned sock from leftover yarn, I started one from the cuff down.  Beginning cuff-down allowed me to immediately increase the leg circumference. The leg in the toe-up sock was too tight, whereas the cuff-down socks fit well.
I was happy with the addition of a patterned heel to the first cuff-down sock.   Still, I felt both the heel design and the chevron stitch pattern could be improved.  I continued to refine the design in the second sock of this pair. I increased the contrast between the two colors in the heel and refined the slip-stitch pattern. I changed the decrease I was using for the chevron stitch pattern to make the points sharper.
I featured the toe of the second sock in this pair in an earlier post. No changes there. It is a better-looking toe simply because of the change I made in the chevron pattern.   Below is the full photo of both socks.

I wrote about these socks when I finished them at the end of 2012. I have moved that original post so that it will appear after this one.

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