Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Knitting Hitini, the beginning

This is the first in a series of blog posts about a sock pattern I have written.  For historical reference (!), an older post I wrote when after I knit the prototype sock has been moved and should display below this one.  Developing and drafting the pattern has taken over two years. 

It all began with my idea about toe shaping in toe-up socks.  Why shouldn't the effort of all those increases result in something more than a plain toe?  Something like this:

At least, that is the toe I envisioned.  It isn't the first one I knit.  There's a photo of the first toe I knit in the reprinted post, the one just before this one.  Although I could have, and should have, continued the original pair of socks, knitting the mate to the first one, I didn't.  I abandoned the toe-up sock and knit a cuff-down sock, the mate to the one in the photo above.  My reason for abandoning the first sock was simple.
That pretty little leg in the photo above is just that--little.  It is a bit too tight.  Starting the next sock from the cuff allowed me to solve that problem right away.  The first sock, the one in the photo above, has only 7 repeats in the leg.  The one I knit next has 8.

Since the leg now fit, I stuck with the cuff-down sock, designing a special heel and making sure the foot fit well.  Along the way, I refined the stitch pattern and the color sequence.  Then I returned to the first sock and knit it a mate.  Now there are two versions, toe-up and cuff-down.  Click this link to see my Ravelry project for the toe-up pair.

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