Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Knitting the first full pair of Hitinis

Finally, I finished the second sock of my pattern-in-progress.

This design has morphed from toe-up to cuff-down. It sports improvements in stitch pattern and heel design. The lighter, wider chevron heel is the initial version. The darker, smaller one is the improvement. 
I used my contrasting heel seam trick on the leg, ending it at the heel. There's always a worry that it will be uncomfortable under the foot. Unlike the back seam in my Burning Stripes pattern, this seam is knit entirely in the main color. Since these socks were knit from leftovers, there's no reason to carry the contrast color. Each stripe uses a different bit of yarn. Note: the contrast seam is not included in the pattern. After knitting a pair without it I realized it isn't necessary to disquise the color changes in the chevron pattern.

Using leftovers is not only frugal, it is fun. The challenge of picking the next color is simplified by a chart and rules that encourage knitting just. one. more. stripe. Plus, the toe can be a little wild! After all, it is that toe, shaped by the chevron instead of the standard toe decreases that was my original inspiration.  See my Ravelry page for this project by clicking the link!

Although I've finished a rough draft of the pattern, I plan to develop a version that uses new yarn to make it more marketable.  I will write about those next.


Naycha said...

I.LOVE.THIS.SOCK!!!! I'm not even much of a sock knitter, but I'm dying to purchase the pattern as soon as you release it!

Monika said...

I absolutely LOVE your Easter Egg socks!