Sunday, February 10, 2013

Handknit beaded lace shawl for next year

The lightness of the fabric is apparent in this photo.  The pairing of the possum/merino blend yarn (Zelana Kia Ora Rimu fingering weight) with beads is perfect.  The piece can use a little extra weight.  The yarn is expensive in the U.S.  If one could find a bargain price, either here, or in its native (possum-loaded) country, it would be worth buying for the novelty alone. 

When I found the pattern in last Winter's Vogue Knitting, I decided it would be both a fun knit and a reasonable match for the hat I'd knit from an earlier issue of VK.

The hat pattern, from the Fall 2009 issue, is by a different designer but uses the same yarn.  My version mixed two patterns from this issue to make the knitting a bit more interesting.  Details on it and the shawl are logged on my Ravelry project pages, Possum Shawl and Merger hat. 

There's a year between these two projects, and likely another one to go before I wear them somewhere together.  That's knitting--it makes you plan ahead!

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