Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Phyllis-tine Knitting

Having repaired, or ordered repaired, much of the storm damage, I am now able to relax and concentrate on something more fun, primarily the sweater I was trying to copy.  I consider it a relatively successful project, in that it does reflect some elements of the design that inspired it.  Most of the variation in design is due to my decision to use a totally different yarn.  Since the entire concept, that of a slouchy, clingy, long and dramatic sweater, results in a garment I won't wear very often, I wasn't motivated to purchase the yarn needed to make a closer copy.  Heck, for the price of the yarn I needed, I probably could have bought the sweater. 

Instead, I had the fun of making it and the satisfaction of making it with what I had on hand, a discounted silk yarn and a magazine pattern.  Together with my labor, these handy items became:

My Phyllis Sweater

The facts of the case, to follow the approach of my favorite soap, are that I used a thin silk cord to torture Julie Gaddy's cute and defenseless pattern, forcing it to steal aspects of that sweater Phyllis wore when she refused to confess her crimes.  It is by no means a perfect copy, just a pale shadow of the original beauty.  But then, so am I!  I was going to dye my hair red for the shoot, but Michelle Stafford has now changed hers to dark auburn.  Beauty is a moving target.  Nonetheless, I can tempt comparisons by stealing her pose.

So much for today's fun.  For more, there's always tomorrow's episode of Y&R.  Until then, check out my project page for all the details.