Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Quilt Show is Back

After a year gone missing, the local quilt show is back. I am not a quilter, but I am a fan of this show. Although my fanship is limited to an annual viewing (and buying frenzy in the boutique), I usually expand it to share a few images here. This year's show is outstanding, as a glance at the photos below will tell. Since I have tried to remove names and other personal details from the images to protect the quilter's privacy, I have included a few details below each image.

The small quilt above, which was in the Art Quilt category, uses a "stained glass" technique. The black lines around the colors are appliqued bias strips, while the checkerboard background is patchwork.

Another use of the same technique is evident in this large quilt, "Sunlit Stained Glass."

This quilt, "Arizona," repeats pottery and other Native American images prevalent in that state.  The edges of each embroidered block are frayed.

In response to a guild challenge to create a quilt using the theme, Mountains, this quilter found inspiration in the Denver skyline, seeing the buildings as steel mountains. She chose to recreate the Blue Bear sculpture from the Denver Convention Center. It's really an appropriate subject for a quilt, since the original is composed of triangles.
Continuing the animal theme, this more conventional quilt depicts mountains and chickadees.

This one offers an unconventional look at a hummingbird.

Finally, my favorite animal, a moose. Besides the subject, I love the colors in this one. Too bad it wasn't for sale.

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