Thursday, June 14, 2012

Knitting with Nook

Since the loss of my iPod, I've used my phone for audio books.  It worked, but it wasn't ideal.  I've taken a long time to decide what I wanted as a replacement, considering either another iPod or an e-reader.  My hesitant and sporadic research finally led me to get a Color Nook.  I was really torn between it and the Fire, but I finally reasoned that the recent price break broke the balance.  I plan to use my Nook not only for the audio books (obviously) that we play in the car on long trips, but also for books, games and magazines.  Knitting magazines are high on my list, but for now, I'm trying it out for patterns. 

I've loaded a few pattern pdfs on the Nook and am pleased with the display.  I thought I could use it instead of printing the patterns, but there's a drawback.  I don't often memorize the complex lace patterns I prefer for shawls.  I like to look at a chart the entire time I am knitting a pattern row.  While it is possible to display the chart on the Nook, I have to stop knitting now and then to touch the screen to keep the display active.  Otherwise, the screen goes to sleep.  For long rows at the edge of a shawl, this works out to a lot of stopping.  If I don't stop, I'll have to wake the Nook up (a two-step process) when I need to check the chart.  Not that having to stop a a big inconvenience, but coupled with the battery drain of keeping the chart displayed, it is enough to make me resort to printing the charts.  I can still use the Nook to make a quick, occasional check of pattern instructions, but it doesn't work well for charts.

I have yet to buy a digital magazine.  Interweave Knits is available for Nook. However, I made a point to acquire all the back issues of IK a couple of years ago and am still dedicated to buying paper issues.  It will be handy to have a digital subscription at some point if I keep traveling as much as I do.  I am often away from my magazines, just when I want one.  Vogue Knitting, on the other hand, is a magazine that I usually buy, but don't mind missing.  I'd buy a digital issue of VK for my Nook if I could.  At this point, VK is only available digitally for the iPad.  I think.  Let me know if I'm wrong.

About now, someone is likely wondering what I think I'm writing here.  If this is a recommendation, it isn't a resounding one, thus far.  Welll, that's because I haven't discussed the games yet.  Games on the Nook Color are great, way better than the ones on my phone.  Playing games on my phone passes the time, but that little-bitty screen is the drawback.  I love the games on my Nook so much that I'm probably spending more time on it playing games than I am reading books.  My favorites are the crossword puzzle (they are the NY Times crosswords, free with the Nook), MineSweeper (also free), Neptune (not free but cheap) and...surprise(?) Sheep 'em.   Yep, a cute little sheep game meant for children but full of giggles for me.  This one is free but there's another one or two games including sheep for cheap that are more challenging.  Who am I kidding, Sheep 'em is hard enough!

I haven't even gotten to putting my photos, videos, movies or tv on the Nook yet.  I'm sure I'll like those pretty well, just a little worried that the screen is too small.  Meanwhile, I'm happy with the internet connection, offering apps like Taptu, an easy-to-read multiple fashion feed that keeps up with all the celebrity fashions and designers.  I've also got a calorie tracker and a couple of other apps I'm trying out.
All of which is to say that the Nook Color is a good buy.  My biggest complaint is that they sent me a $20 off coupon after I'd bought mine.  I forgive them, though, because I can pass it on:  coupon
Since the coupon expires in a few days, I'm posting this now, before I've properly proofread it.  If something is unclear, ask me about it in a comment. 

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Deb said...


I've had a Nook Color for 18-mons. I use it all the time for knitting patterns that I have converted to PDF. If you go to Settings>Device Settings>Screen>Screen timeout> (select 2-mins or 5-mins or 15-mins or 1 hr.) I also hit the button on the upper-left to reserve the power on the Nook until I need it. Enjoy your Nook.