Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Knitting Pattern Giveaway

This post is outdated, the giveaway is over, no need to comment now!  But keep reading, I might have another one sometime.

I read a lot of knitting blogs and often see apologies, excuses, or at least explanations of the chosen topic or time frame. Although I generally prefer to just launch into the subject, letting the reader speculate, if she wishes, as to motive, logic or connection, I will list the events that led to this post. But first, I'll start with a photo and explain it simply: Google Reader, Ravelry and other feeds show an image of the latest post in their link to blogs. I like to have a nice photo front and center.

This is the view from the first rest stop on my morning bike ride these days.  For me, bike path + bench = stop.  Although I have lost weight and become more fit, I'm not a maniac.  I'm doing it in moderation. 

Moderation is not the word for my pursuit of knitting, however.  To list the progression:
1. Seven years ago, a chain of events worked to revive my lifelong interest in yarn and needlework.
2. Five years ago, I began this blog.  I was reminded of this quinquennial this past weekend when I was attending the local raft festival, often a topic for my blog posts. 
Below is a shot of one of this year's downriver contestants.  The downriver race is not overly exciting, but it is scenic.

3. Two years ago, I published Burning Stripes, my first commercial pattern.
4. This month, I bought back two print versions of that pattern from one of the shops that stock it.  It had run its course there and I wanted my sample back.  The sample pair looks pretty good, considering it has hung in a yarn shop for two years. 

5. Today, to celebrate this succession of events, which all seemed to happen in the late spring, I am giving away those two print patterns.  To enter to win a copy, leave a comment by midnight, Monday, June 25, 2012.  One lucky winner will also receive the yarn to knit the pattern, assuming we can work out the logistics of agreeing upon and delivering said yarn.  If you win, you will have to let me know your address, but don't include that in the comment, just your e-mail, or a link to it so that I can contact you if you win.  Also, please include some feedback on blog topics.  Besides knitting, what do you enjoy reading in a knitting blog:  points of view, personal details, travel photos, or...?

Ending with a another photo, again from my bicycling route, but this one is more knitting-related.  You can spin yarn from the undercoat of these cattle!


Rachelle said...

I wish it was spring here; but it's winter and cold!

Zenitude (formerly Wooly Knits n Bits) said...

That is so surreal! I just added your sock pattern to my favorites on Ravelry today!
I would love to knit those stripes!
I also read a lot of knitting blogs and I do enjoy getting to know the blogger a little bit. So daily adventures and events are interesting things to add to a blog as well as the knitting projects.
Rav: zenitude

Kristen said...

Please don't add me to the give-away, I don't knit socks, but...I just wanted to say, wow, what a nice bike ride!

Naycha said...

Love those socks and love your blog! And in addition to knitting posts I would love seeing travel photos, posts on other crafts, posts about home renovations, recipes. I'm open to ready about anything.

RavID: Naycha

WolfWalker said...

I wish it was spring here too..although technically it is, we've had several days where the high temps have reached into the 90's.

I enjoy reading most about what other knitters are doing, what projects they're working on, what changes they've made, how they thought it all came out, plus maybe what's going on in their lives somewhat. Pics are great too, of projects, things they're seeing (or sightseeing!), etc.

Those socks look very nice, I've knit a few pairs of socks but always (so far) just using acrylic yarns.

Debra (Rav ID: WolfWalker)

Julia said...

Love these socks! I'm on Ravelry and read some blogs on the fiber arts-primarily knitting. I enjoy reading about what you are working up in patterns and seeing the pictures. Pictures/progression pictures- draw you in and makes it personal for people.

Would love to try the pattern I'm in ravelry group 12Socks2012.
RavID: Pythongirl

ikkinlala said...

Nice socks!

I read quite a few blogs (although I tend to catch up in chunks rather than checking them all regularly), and I've seen a pretty wide range of other stuff included in knitting blogs. I often like reading about people's other interests and the other stuff they're good at because I can learn a lot that way.

ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

Anonymous said...

Love these socks. Bought the pattern recently and started knitting a sample out of some throw-away yarn (2 50g balls, neither of which was enough for a pair, and the colors did not go together at all). I want to spin some yarn to make the stripes so was test knitting them to measure the length of yarn in each stripe. Much to my surprise, the two colors look fabulous together and I've finished one and started no. 2 -- which is rare for me as I have severe SSS.

I think it was you who posted about your new camera which inspired me to get one like it. I was looking at cameras, but hadn't seen that model and it was just what I needed.

Not sure this post will go through. I've tried posting replies to your blog before, but can't seem to sign into the OpenID account.