Thursday, June 28, 2012

The butterflies (and patterns) were free.

This mountain climate, which is normally is quite harsh, has worsened the past few years with the drought. Each year, I am happy to find a few hardy survivors in my little flower bed. The daisies, prosaic though they may be, are my favorites.

They have made it through quite a few winters. I'll try separating this batch in the fall.

The daylilies will never die, I'm sure. They were here when we moved in.

Looks like there will be a huge crop this year. I must have taken a clue from it with my recent pattern giveaway.  I awarded the promised prizes, then decided to give everyone a prize.  It was fun, easy, and not too extravagant, thanks to my stash and the Ravelry gift program.  I enjoyed it so much, I will have to repeat it when I have another pattern to give away.  Thanks to everyone who participated!

I honestly don't remember the name of this flower, but it is my most prolific.

The butterflies like it too.

This yarrow, which was a gift from my neighbor, is huge.  I understand why she pulled a bunch of hers out.

But I'm a happy recipient.  It smells lovely.

I spent awhile trying to get a good photo of the cute spots on these delphiniums.   I just bought them this year and was pleasantly surprised when I noticed the spots while I was planting them.  I didn't see them in the shady nursery.

Another thing I didn't see was the worm in the flower. When I reviewed the pictures on the camera while I sat in the garden, there it was. I rushed back to the flower, but I couldn't find the worm. He's a lucky one.

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Wool Winder said...

I love your flower pictures! The one you can't remember the name of looks like Indian Blanket.