Sunday, April 22, 2012

Everybody's knitting it

It's a knit compulsion, a catchy shawl that is trending high in Ravelry and knitblogland. I just completed my own version in a color combination that reminds me of leopard prints, although I wasn't thinking of a leopard when I chose the third color. I was thinking that brown is a common color in my wardrobe.
That third color, the one I had to buy expressly for this project, was a difficult choice.  I just had one short visit to a yarn shop to look over their mohair selection.  If there had been a deep red, I'd have bought it.  But the red was a bright pinkish scarlet, rather than the deep red I wanted.  There were three different brands of mohair, but only one brown.  At least it was a reddish brown.  I could have chose another type of lace weight yarn, but even though sticking to mohair limited my color selection, I'm glad I held firm.  The yarn choice lightened this huge shawl.  It even made it translucent.
Behind the translucency, there's another finished object in this photo.  There's a bit less of me there, which explains the loose-fitting jeans.  I'd brag of weight-loss secrets if requested, since I am still very focused on my weight-loss/weight control project. (I don't want to gain it back, as I've always done in the past.)  In short, I have exercised and dieted for what seems an achingly long period of time to lose so little--about 7% of my body fat weight.  It wasn't fun, but it was worth it.  Now I get to buy new jeans.

It was fun to find that my regular, good jeans are loose.  I found an old pair hanging in the back of the closet because they were too shrunken and worn.  I was happy to be able to zip them and wore them and yet another brown shirt (my uniform!) when I attempted to reproduce the pattern photo.
The pattern is Color Affection, the yarn is Filatura di Crosa Superior (off-white), Alchemy Haiku (orange) and Classic Elite Pirouette (brown). Other details on my project page.
One negative thing about this project is the size of the shawl.  It is so large that it is difficult to wear.  Apparently these mohair yarns, though considered lace weight, knit up at a larger gauge. The regular, fingering weight size would have been big enough.  Another negative is the tightness of the top edge.  There are constant comments about it on Ravelry, with a couple of suggested techniques to loosen it, but no guaranteed cure.  I had the same problem with Whippoorwill, another semi-circular shawl. After playing around with the end result, trying to wrap it and make it drape, I think I prefer triangular shawls.  To prove it, I have another triangular shawl on the needles, the Dew Drop Shawl by Bex Hopkins.  Bex has a calculator in her blog to help you determine how many rows you can knit in a shawl with the yarn you have left. Check it out!


Kristen said...

Oh I not knitting it, but I wish I was! Yours is a beauty.

Carol said...

Your Color Affection is beautiful. I like your color choices. Nice blog with lots of great photos of your work.