Sunday, March 25, 2012

Try, knit again

It seems that those other projects I mentioned are really taking me away from my knitting. Either that, or I've become very fickle, unable to settle on one design and surprisingly able to put whatever I'm working on aside. I did move right along on my Color Affection in the the mohair (Alchemy Haiku).

I had some ivory Superior, a mohair impostor made from cashmere, but no other mohair in my stash. I'm happy enough with it as the main color, not that ivory is much of a color. I'd like a deep brown or red for the third color, but I'm a little unsure about what would look best. I have postponed that decision until I can take what I have with me to shop for its companion. Wouldn't you know, every Monday I drive quite close to a yarn shop? Unfortunately for me and this shawl, the shop is closed on Mondays. Since I really want to compare the colors side by side to pick a new one, I'll just have to wait on this project.

I've started a new shawl to work on while I wait. It's simple stockinette right now, but there will be a lace explosion later. I just haven't decided yet if it will be Estonian lace, from Lamanaria, or lace with reverse stockinette, from Dew Drop. Luckily, both patterns have a section that starts with 225 stitches, making it possible to postpone the decision.

Although my shawl projects seem to be hanging, with major decisions avoided, my socks projects are thundering along. Everything else that's taking up my time involves a bit of waiting. Waiting means there's time for sock knitting. I've finished one Cable Rib sock, a very practical pattern from Interweave's Favorite Socks book.

This pairing of ribbing with side cables makes a very stretchy, wearable sock. Hopefully, the double knit heel I added will make it wear longer. If not, at least it's cute.

This is my second pair of socks with a double knit heel that has an aspen leaf. The repetition of the pattern has exhausted my passion for leaves in double knit. Perhaps a different design would revive it, a sheep, maybe even a monogram. Regardless, this heel is much better than the first ones I knit since ituses fewer stitches and is knit on smaller needles--size 0s! Double knitting really expands.

Another pair of socks in progress didn't expand enough and got ripped out. I'm trying to recreate these, which were felted by an unruly washer.

It's mostly the wool that is to blame. It isn't superwash or a blend, just pure merino. Even though the yarn isn't meant for socks, I like these so well that I frogged this shawl to get the yarn for another pair, proving that my knitting really is going around in circles.

Socks and shawl project prevail, and now a shawl becomes socks. It's just as well. This shawl was too scratchy to wear. It's too bad, thought, that the circular theme has dominated this project. There's been a lot of knitting the same bit over and over to improve the pattern.

First, there was the problem with the center stitch, an un-centered p3tog. After much fiddling around with sssp, ssp2p, and other strange stitches, knitting almost every round differently, ripping back and still fiddling around, it hit me that the p3tog in the pattern is the right stitch for the center. It just needs to have the order of the first two stitches reversed to make it lie nicely. This is a cold hard truth to hit one at 11 pm, making me jump out of bed to knit another couple of rounds. Thank goodness I posted the solution on my project page so I could remember it in the morning. Here's the links to the pages for my projects and to the patterns I'm contemplating.

Dew Drop Shawl

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