Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shaelyn Shawl Sure

Considering that my other large knitting project is in two shades of green (a Whippoorwill shawl that's almost done), my current fo puts me in the ready for Spring, March, and certainly St. Patrick's Day.

It's actually this Noro Aya yarn that is to blame. I first saw this colorway on Ravelry as the base for a stunning Whippoorwill shawl. Quick as a mouse click, I bought three balls of it, planning to pick up a nice contrasting yarn at one of the many yarn shops I visit when I travel. As usual, I shopped to excess and ended up with three different choices, mint green, lilac and dark green, all in Tanis Fiber Arts blue label. I happily began swatching, planning to make a decision on the contrast edge while knitting the base of the shawl. Unfortunately, I never got beyond the swatch.

Once I saw the density of the fabric I was getting on size 6 needles, I dropped the idea of using this yarn for Whippoorwill and looked for something in a larger gauge. My search was short. I checked my queue, found Shaelyn and a few happy projects using Aya. (Ravelry is such a great resource!)

I was a little worried about how the colors would work with the lace pattern and used all three balls of yarn, pulling the same colors out of each to make the stripes last through the lace. Even so, I knit it up in a few days, but tossed it aside immediately after casting off. I thought it was too bright to wear. Once I finally and reluctantly blocked it, I was satisfied. Somehow, blocking made it less bright. Since it didn't bleed color in the water, I can only guess that stretching the stitches apart lightened the colors a bit. Whether that's true, or just imagination, it's certainly nice and soft now. I'll wear it and see if I get the "Oh, what a funny old lady" looks or not. I could always rip it out and make throw pillows with it.

It's a ripped out sweater that I used for the Whippoorwill I had planned. Since the sweater was a different shade of green, I didn't use any of the Tanis I bought for the project, finding another hank of sock yarn that looked better. Now I have three hanks of Tanis and no project. I've got ideas, though.

These three hanks are applying to be a Color Affection.

These two might make a Stripe Study.

That leaves the mint green Tanis unplanned. Not a problem; there are never enough green socks. Right now, since I have three different socks in progress, the mint socks will have to wait. I'd like to finish the Whippoorwill before the 17th, then start the Color Affection. Three green shawls in March! Links last:

Color Affection (check her other patterns for Stripe Study)

That stunning Whippoorwill


Kristen said...

First, your Shaelyn is magnificent! I don't get old lady from it at all. But I know what you mean, sometimes the word shawl conjures up granny. But...I am a granny and I get cold and I just love shawls! So, I totally want to copy you. When you have a moment, can you measure it for me? I like mine large! Also, the whippoorwill is beautiful. And I too have a stripe study in my queue. Plus I have the yarn, just not enough time for all my knitting projects. Hav a good week.

Luni said...

In response to Kristen's comment, I measured the shawl. It is 22" deep at the point and 54" across the long ("top") edge. I meant to put that info on the project page. Thanks to Kristen for reminding me!

Naycha said...

Your Shaelyn is gorgeous, not granny-fied at all. I love the Shaelyn pattern and bought it myself a couple of weeks ago. But alas, the variegated yarn I was going to use had color repeats that were too short and the lace portions just got lost. So I used it for a different project--Age of Brass and Steam and it worked out nicely. Now that I've seen yours, I'm once again motivated to find yarn for my Shaelyn.