Monday, October 31, 2011

Cotton knit square

Between two sweater projects I needed a break, something quick to knit that would offer encouragement. Happily, I saw a need to fill. What's funny is that it was an odd need. I decided a bit of cotton knit in the round, square-fashioned would do the trick.

As I knit, I saw it differently. In a way, these photos are a study of the type of inspiration offered by seeing things in a new way. I failed to photograph the first time I saw it differently, just after I finished the fair-isle portion. I had knit that portion so tightly that it fit exactly over a small square box. Had I stopped increasing, it would have made a nice box-cozy. I considered ripping it out until I realized that I needed it to be a bit box-shaped.

Of course, blocking flattened it a bit, enough so that I could fold it in half.

It looks a bit like a shawl in the photo above, as long as you don't know that it is only about 25" across at the top. Playing with it a bit, I realized it would make a nice hanging towel.

A bit larger, with a loop at the top... The increases work well as seams and allow it to fold and hang nicely. In the end, I'm happy that it is perfect for the purpose I had in mind all along.

It is a dust cover for my gong fu tea set. There's a lot focus on washing the set as part of the ceremony to remove dust. Now it won't be very dusty to begin.

Project details: Leftover organic worsted and dk-weight cottons, begun at the center and knit in the round on size 6 needles. Squared by increasing with kfb's at the corners on every other round. Pattern is completely made up as it progressed, but was intended to convey a zen-like serenity of color and design.

[Reposted due to software failure. The first post had no photos! I shouldn't have ignored that error message. Now I'm going to fix another error and rip out a few rows of knitting.]

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