Monday, September 12, 2011

Cables recrossed, a third way

After thinking about the two ways to correct a mis-crossed cable that I covered in my last post, I realized I wasn't happy with either of them. There had to be another way. After turning it over in my mind, I decided that the problem with duplicate stitching over the cable is that the duplicate stitch, being sewed through all layers of the fabric, looks too compressed and lacks the dimension of a normal cable crossing. I wanted something that looked more like knitting. At first I thought of i-cord, but assumed that an i-cord sewed over the cable would be too thick.

Then I realized that I could simply pick up two stitches out of the cable, knit them and graft them to the other side of the crossing. In the photo above, I've picked up the stitches, knit one row and purled one row. They are ready to graft to the stitches above the cable crossing. I did this over all three mis-crossed cables. (I only made this mistake on the first piece I knit, the back. Thank goodness!) I found it easier to use dpns two sizes smaller than I used to knit the sweater, since that eliminated the need to tighten the stitches after I grafted them.

There! All done. I can't easily pick out the cables I fixed, even though I know where they are.

To make it easier to see the stitching, I left this photo a little lighter, and perhaps a little greener, than it should be. The color of this sweater is hard to pin down. Sometimes it is more green, sometimes it is more blue, depending on the light. It reminds me of the Morning Glory pool in Yellowstone.
However the color change in it is permanent. It used to be more blue, but early visitors threw so much trash in it that the color changed to the green you see here. I would say it is too bad, but really, I like green better than blue.

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Kristen said...

Very clever fix and your work is magnificent! I can't believe people would throw trash into a sacred pool like that! That must have been in the old days when we didn't know any better. I am old enough to remember learning not to throw trash out of a moving car, we used to think that was just OK. Terrible!

Meira Shana said...


I'm curious as to whether I found the fix ... on the left side, between 3rd and 4th triangle.

The over-cable.

Luni said...

Meira, Yes, you are right on that one. The other one is on the right side, three diamonds from the top. I actually pulled the sweater out of the drawer to check. Not often I get a comment, especially on a old post like this one. Sorry I couldn't reply personally, but there's no contact info on your profile.