Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cabled Cardigan all buttoned up

I've been shopping for buttons for my newly-finished cardigan. The yarn, Berroco Pure Merino Heather in the color Tyrolean Alps, has a subtle teal-ish glint that is hard to match. Early on, though, actually at my local yarn shop, I decided that this cardigan needed plain buttons. The pattern in the cardigan overwhelmed any patterned buttons. When I didn't find the right shade there, I bought a package of mixed blues. They looked fine in the shop, but once I got them home and looked at them with the sweater in daylight, I knew that blue wouldn't do.

With that, I added a stop at a conveniently-located JoAnn Fabrics to our upcoming trip to Yellowstone. I not only found iridescent teal buttons there, I also found sale buttons. These shell beauties were 75 percent off! Now I just need to find some yarn to match and a pattern to show them off. That cardigan project will have to wait, though. I already have a new cardigan for this year.

This is the cover sweater from last fall's Vogue Knitting. That means it has been a year since I first decided to knit this sweater. Since then, I've searched for and found extra balls of the yarn, in the same dyelot I had in my stash. I originally bought this yarn to knit Pilar. After knitting a long sleeved pullover that I rarely wear, I realized I needed to choose a cardigan pattern for this worsted-weight yarn.

My successful completion of another cabled cardigan last fall encouraged me to try this pattern. With all the cabling, it required more yarn than a plain pullover. In the end, I used around 20 balls. The sweater weighs over two pounds!

That's a lot of weight on my shoulders. Not that it's uncomfortable--it's just the carpet in my freshly-painted dining room that is weighing me down. Never mind, that carpet's days are numbered. We will be replacing it and the old vinyl tiles in the adjoining kitchen as part of our next update, once we work up the energy for it. We usually find home renovation projects to be expensive and worrisome. Reflooring and repainting all three bedrooms this summer provided enough expense and worry for now.

I can ignore the carpet. However, there's another issue I'm not sure I can ignore.

Can you count how many of the cables I mis-crossed in the back? Three! What makes it worse is that I ripped back and fixed several. I think every-other one would have been mis-crossed otherwise. At least that would have looked like a design statement. Now I have to decide if I want to duplicate stitch over these errors or cut into the sweater to fix them.

Or maybe just wear it like it is? After all, it is in the back. I won't see them when I'm wearing it! **grin** No, don't worry, I'll fix them. The sweater is too pretty to be less than perfect.
For more details and more photos, see its Ravelry project page.

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Naycha said...

It wasn't noticeable to me until you pointed it out. But at the same time, if it was something I had knitted--just like you, I'd have to go back and fix it. Though I'm sure I'd dread it.