Sunday, August 28, 2011

Textiles on the trail

During my recent road trips, I indulged in a little yarn shopping. Since I'm close to finishing two sweaters and halfway done with a couple of pairs of socks, I feel no guilt about it. I buy it and I use it. I started with a tour of Fort Laramie, Wy. which is in the process of being restored. When we arrived, they were re-glazing the windows in one of the buildings. There's a worker on each of those sets of scaffolds in front of the windows in the photo below.
The restored buildings have been refurnished with period-appropriate pieces, including many quilts and other textiles.

I might have wondered where they found them all but for overhearing another visitor remark that his sister had donated several items. It is all the more appealing to think that many of the antiques might have been much-loved treasures that were donated to furnish this historic site. The quilt below was one of my favorites.

My tour of the fort was inspiring enough to prompt me to visit yarn shops at our next stop, Casper, Wy. Initially, I was disappointed to find The Dancing Sheep closed.

As it was late in the day and quite hot, I had planned to visit only this one shop. Instead, we drove to another one, All That Yarn. I'm glad now that the timing worked out for this visit. I enjoyed selecting a few balls of yarn and a magazine and was amazed to see that they have a lot of back issues of Interweave Knits. Give them a call if you are looking to complete your collection. When I left the shop, K commented, "You could have bought the entire store." I was stunned by the generous comment until I saw the sign in the window, "Shop for Sale." I hope someone (other than me) buys it.

Since I'm blogging my yarn shopping, I'll include a stop I made last week in Oklahoma. Once we returned from Yellowstone, we drove off again to visit Hunter, who is recuperating from heart surgery in Arkansas. (Read a more amusing post on Hunter here.) As we wandered across Oklahoma, I spotted an enticing place for lunch, The Noble House bed and breakfast in Watonga. Lunch was delicious, but the dessert was finding a yarn shop right across the street.

I was happy to find a yarn shop by chance in a small town. Since I had a two-color sock design bouncing around my mind, I bought some locally-dyed Slackford Studio lightfoot sock yarn. Slackford Studio is in Norman, Ok. The colors were so enticing, I bought three instead of two. Now I have to decide between blue and green, blue and orange or green and orange. Maybe I should design a three-color sock.

Joining the Slackford yarn is the yarn I purchased at All That Yarn, two balls of Maxime Soft Socks (I loved it in the toes of my Ilga socks, pictured in my last post) and some Zelana wool for my fair-isle pillow projects. There's a brown ball of the Zelana blending in with the table in the back of the pile.

There's the end to my rambling. I'm back now and can't wait to finish my cardigan. All that's left to knit is the collar. The buttons I found on my trip made it possible to finish the last buttonband yesterday. Next up, button pictures, unless I can come up with something more interesting.

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Wool Winder said...

Nice yarn purchases.

Amanda said...

I would love to see a blue and orange combo! :)