Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where's the knitting?

Before the question arises, here's a rundown of what I'm knitting. No one should ever ask, anyway. I'm always knitting something(s).

An unexpected request for a toe-up version of my latest sock pattern made me wonder if I could knit a 56-stitch sock that would fit me. With some Fannie's Fingering Weight, the question was answered with a Yes! It was a quick way to check my calculations, a good plan that was foiled by my inattention as I knitted the heel. Although I knit from toe to heel in a two days, I failed to write down the row numbers. There was nothing to do but knit the second sock to double check the numbers.

I stewed about it for a day or two since I didn't want to cut the yarn mid-stripe to cast on another sock. I finally decided that I'd rather risk the stripe being reversed than interrupted and cast on from the other end of the ball. That's why there are two toe-up socks in progress. The legs are simple to knit while paying attention to other issues. When I want something more engaging, I'll start the mate to this sock:

The pattern is Ilga's Socks by Nancy Bush. I'm using the the version in the book, Favorite Socks. I thought I read there was errata in the earlier magazine version, but there's none in the book. I modified the ankle by adding ribbing and mistakenly knit a slip-stitch heel instead of the pattern's birdseye. Since I don't like birdseye, I'm not sorry for the error and will repeat these mods in the second sock. I'm using my size 0 blackthorn needles to knit the foot in the Sportlace yarn. The resulting fabric is so tight, I decided I didn't need to knit the foot inside-out as I've done in the last few pairs of socks I've knit. It will be smooth enough on either side. I used various sock yarn leftovers for the patterned cuff, including some variegated yarn for the background of the main motif. I really like the effect and promise a more color-true final photo.

One thing the photo above does show well is my latest big FO--a hardwood floor. It is the result of one of those one-thing-leads-to-another projects. A ceiling repair lead to painting that prompted new carpet. Once the carpet was ordered, we pulled up the old carpet and found peg-and-plank flooring. All it needed was cleaning and waxing. I'm happy to have the hardwood floor, but not the new task of tearing apart another room to put down the new carpet. At least we found another room that doesn't have hardwood under the carpet.

Also hoofing along is a sweater, at last. It's the cover sweater from last fall's Vogue Knitting.

The color is more rich than this photo shows, but the lighter exposure makes the pattern more visible. That ought to be enough knitting, but on a whim I started a potholder with some tapestry yarn I bought cheap at a craft sale.

I adapted the chart from a sock pattern and plan an i-cord edging in the pink. Maybe I'll add some embroidery as well. For now, I've got to go move furniture. K has the bright idea that we should stack the two queen beds on the same bed frame when we empty out the second room. We would have to sleep on all of them, princess-and-the-pea style. While that arrangement would be fitting, considering my current obsession with princess-soled socks, I'm afraid it will be too teeter-tottery.

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staci said...

LOVE your Ilga sock...gorgeous!!!

Naycha said...

I think I'll be knitting my next pair of socks with a princess sole. The first pair of socks irritate my feet. Although, I suppose if I go down a couple of needle sizes maybe, like your sock, the fabric will be smooth enough that it won't rub my feet raw... All your projects, finished and in progress, are beautiful. LOVE the sweater and the fair isle sock though Gorgeous!

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

it's all beautiful!! love!