Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hopeful knitting

Actually, I hope I get some knitting done. I'm knitting a lot, but also tinking a lot. This "perfect knitting" goal is diminishing my production. Even though I should get back at it, I'm taking a break to share a special place, an appropriate one for a Sunday posting.

This is the chapel of King's College in Cambridge. It seems all the colleges in Cambridge have chapels, but this one is the most spectacular and is open to the public most of the time. There's a fee, of course, but it is worth it, especially since they allow photos. There's a lot to be said about the chapel, but I'll leave that to the Internets. It is sufficient to say that it took 100 years to complete its construction. Although the ceiling and the windows are the big wow, I liked the floor, too.

The painting is Rubens' The Adoration of the Magi. I was amused to read that Rubens painted the Magi to resemble himself, while painting Mary and Joseph to resemble the King and Queen who commissioned the painting.

There's a huge organ, terribly historic and ornate, with an enormous wooden screen in front and an elaborate choir loft behind it. I can only imagine what it must be like to hear it played, with choir accompaniment, in such a space.

These images remind me of the hope, the expectation of success, the striving to achieve a goal that must have driven kings, workers and clergy who were willing to continue over 100 years to complete this beautiful building, I can't shirk from spending a few weeks on a mere knitting projects.

After all, each stitch is a step in the right direction. One little stitch, a couple of seconds, added with thousands of others will accomplish the task. Look at the effect that single footsteps, one after the other have had over the years--

That threshold is worn away. I saw a lot of steps and thresholds this worn in Cambridge. It's not something I see often in the U.S. By comparison, our buildings are so new!

The door goes into one of the side chapels.

I needed a pep talk today. I just started the border of a shawl, one that is knitted along the edge. These seem to take so long, back and forth again and again over a short row. I'll go now and see how many repeats I need to do each day to finish it this week. It's got to be done by the end of the month!

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Dona said...

Oh it's beautiful! Thank you for the visit! One of my dream is to listen to a concert at this Chapel!

Pam MacKenzie said...

I love this post. Thanks for sharing your reflections on this chapel and your knitting.

Did you know that a website called "supply my" has reposted this entry in full on its site and is claiming it as their own?

Luni said...

Pam, I appreciate your comment and the heads up about the other website. I've looked at it and found that they do link to my post here, so I'm not too worried about the way they reprinted it. It doesn't have any of my designs it in and the photos all have my copyright mark--my name, Luni, is in the lower right corner.