Tuesday, February 1, 2011

VKLive Booty and a wip

Of course, I bought a few things at the Vogue Knitting Live market. The selection of vendors was totally different from those at fiber/wool festivals. Wool festival vendors are primarily farmers or spinners, presenting the chance to buy direct from the source, but usually selling only a few types of yarn at each booth. Vendors at VKLive were primarily yarn shops. Now, I love going to yarn shops and try to visit as many as I can when I travel. Certainly I was happy to be able to hop from one shop to the other merely by going to the next booth in line. However, it was a little easier to restrain my purchasing, especially since a lot of the yarn and other items there are readily available either at local shops or online.

So, I picked and chose my purchases. I was really impressed with this felted dpn case.

Detailed workmanship in a simple design--and green, too--love it! The little cupcake is both a tape measure and a pincushion. Although I didn't bother with a receipt, a little online searching tells me these are by Two Stix. (I hope that's right.) I probably bought them from the Dream Weaver booth.

The case will hold my shorter (6") dpns, like the size 0 Blackthorn needles I bought (on the left) at the Blackthorn booth. It was nice to be able to try the needles before buying them. They seem a bit stiff--I'm used to the flexibility of wooden dpns. On the other hand, they won't develop a bend like my bamboo dpns. I'll try them on a pair of socks before I decide if I want to buy more.

The button pinned to the case at the top right was a gift from my traveling companion. She was quite amused by one that said "Yarn H*". Once I convinced her I wouldn't wear it, she settled for buying this one. She also brought the scarves below to my attention. They convinced me to break my usual rule against buying kits.

Eight balls of yarn, the bag and the pattern were included. I'm expecting there will be yarn left over, but I'm not sure. Either way, the pattern can be used again.

There was a booth full of cashmere that was very tempting. I settled for just taking one of their handouts for a club. It's a Cashmere Square of the Month Club from Hunt Valley Cashmere. You get the yarn and pattern to knit the Great American Aran Afghan, in your choice of weight, one square each month for a year.

That would certainly be a dream project. Until I clear the decks and my yarnstash, though, I'm content with socks and shawls.

I fiddled around in a bit of confusion to work out the edging on my latest shawl, a triangular version of Domovoi. I was a little worried that I wouldn't like a plain gray garter stitch edging. I should have known that Cheryl Oberle and Folk Shawls wouldn't let me down. I really like it. After a little time on the blocking board, it will have plenty of opportunity for modeled shots.

I wear my shawls constantly now, having become addicted to the extra warmth around my shoulders this winter. My favorite is the abbreviated version of the Feather and Fan Triangle shawl I knit a couple of winters ago. The shaping is ingenious--it hugs my shoulders and never falls off. I really want another one in black, similar to the famous Terhi shawl Kay Gardiner knit. I have just the yarn for it stashed away--if only I can stand to knit that much garter stitch in black.

Feel free to admire the photos in this post, products of my new camera. I'm still learning how to use it and the RAW editing software. In celebration, I figured out how to post larger pics in blogger. The one of the scarves is larger than usual. Let me know if you want more big pics.


vlb5757 said...

I love that you got to travel to a show. Shows always get me excited about either a new product or finishing things that are waiting for me at home. I love that scarf kit. I have never seen one like that before. I agree with you about shawls. I love them and during early spring, fall and most of the the winter, there in one that sits on the back of my chair ready for use. I have a drawer full of them but I still have my favorite Clapotis. Love that you have a new camera. I think mine is dying and pretty soon I will have to make a decision about what to get next.

Wool Winder said...

Nice purchases!