Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stripe Edits for socks

Again, I'm playing with the new camera. And socks. I actually have useful information about the socks, though. That is, useful to those who are reckless enough to buy questionable sock yarn from the sale bin, yarn that catches the eye, yarn that has an eye-catching "40% off" tag, yarn that might not be a bit too... loud.

Now, who would do something so foolish, I wonder, hmmm? After all, if the crowds of knitters that pass through the busy yarn shop in my area didn't want it, it's obviously got a problem. Whatever its problem, I'm trying to fix it.

Perhaps it's still too..., but I find it a little less so, now that I've edited the stripes. Using my Burning Stripes striping method, I added in a stripe of a more muted color, a color that is very close to one of the colors in this bright colorway. I simply added the stripe whenever the colors in the bright colorway changed, separating the burgundy from the green, the green from the light green, and the light green from the yellow, separating of those loud colors with a muted orange stripe. When the orange in the bright colorway came along, I let it stripe. No sense separating orange from yellow with more orange. As a further edit, I cut out the pink. It seemed unrelated to these colors. In spite of the jarring juxtaposition it creates, I will try using the pink scraps to stripe the toe.

The first time I knit the lime and white stripe, the colors stacked for all three rows in a super-cute fashion. Decreasing a few stitches lost that effect, but produced randomness that is nice in its own way.

I'm amazed at the accuracy of the replication of this sock in these photos. I had to use RAW files to get these colors, but it was worth it. Darn worth it. Here's the one jpeg I liked. It sorta shows where I decreased those stitches along the seam.

The jpeg literally pales by comparison. Too-blue greens, light yellows, blah oranges--that's not my sock! Nice seamline, though. Too bad you can't really see the pair of decreases after the second burgundy stripe. There's another pair after the lime green, before the heel. I hid them in the muted orange yarn. They are probably even harder to see because the yarn ball is more in focus than the sock at that point. I wasn't trying to make the shaping noticeable, though. I've got nothing against using shaping as accent, just not this time. Using color as an accent was enough.

What a heel! The sock turns inside out at that point, and the seamline really stands out against the purl stitches.

The yarn is ONline Supersocke Savanne Color no. 1035, striped with Inca Sportlace. Link is to my Ravelry project page for these socks.

I found a fairly fresh flower in the strawberries when I opened the box this morning. They tasted even better than they look.

I just came across Bloglovin, a blog feeder that is rather easy. By typing "knit" in the search, I found over 1,000 knit blogs. They insisted on a link to claim my blog, which I put in the sidebar under my Twitter link.

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So now I've put it here, too.

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