Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NYC + VKLive = priceless

Having just returned from New York and the intoxicating atomosphere of Vogue Knitting Live, I've got some adjustments to make. At least I have a small pile of new yarn to inhale to calm me down. Skyscrapers to mountains...what a transition. Actually, the show was about what I expected. There was certainly full disclosure about the exhibitors and classes. I was mildly surprised and happy to learn that the fashion show schedule had been expanded to include shows by yarn companies as well as by Vogue Knitting. Although I didn't look forward to the other shows with the same enthusiasm I had for VK's, I can't say that they were any less entertaining. It's just that I like the complexity and touch of high fashion that prevails in VK.

This model was quite good. Could she ever walk!

This one was super cute. Nothing she put on could ever look bad. As part of the VK show, we were treated to a preview of the knits from the spring issue of VK.

The theme is white. The details in this one are nice. I'd love to be able to blog the entire show in pictures, but that really wasn't why I was there. I hate to let a camera come between me and life too often. Although I kept telling myself, just look and enjoy, don't try to take photos of everything, I couldn't resist a quick close-up of my next sweater.

What a thrill. I hope mine looks even better, if that is possible--at least I'll get better pictures, lol. (It's the cover sweater from last Fall's issue.)

Just to show that there is plenty of crazy to be had in the city, here's what you'll see if are lucky enough to ride through Times Square in a pedi-cab. This is what it looks like if you are stopped, with the plastic curtains zipped down, cozy and warm, waiting for the light to change.

This is what it looks like once the light changes and he starts pedaling .

Bbbuuummmpppy... but fun. Way better than walking when it's 10 degrees Farenheit and your tummy is full of fine French food and wine.

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Wool Winder said...

Sounds like a fun experience for a knitter.

Affiknitty said...

Love that cabled sweater! I'm looking forward to seeing your version.