Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year's-end Knitting

As the year comes to a close, I am keeping busy with small knitting projects, nothing too demanding. Following the pressure of wedding knitting and a year of knitting obligations, what I need are a couple of simple little knits that no one needs.

I've been simply knitting socks, following the pattern (Monkey! in Austermann Step) to the letter, happy to find that I knit socks tighter after a couple of years of doing it. I thought tighter knitting would mean a better fit. The first time I knit this pattern, the socks were too big. Now tighter has turned into too tight, an unexpected result.

Another project is not simple, but at least it's little, and gives me a chance to practice fair isle. I'm sure it's something no one needs. (Whaaah is that? Keep reading, I'll show you.)

While knitting, I've been thinking about the past year. 2010 was another productive year for me. The past 363 days have given me time to complete more than 30 knitting projects. The number is nothing remarkable. It's even a little below average, considering that about half of them are pairs of socks. Quantitatively, the knitted items were expected. After all, I knit every one of those 363 days. Qualitatively, some were unexpected.

To reacquaint myself with the past year's knitting, I looked over this blog, refreshing my memory of the things I knit and my experience knitting them. At the beginning of the year, I found only one resolution, or, really, just one remark that was even close to a resolution for the coming year. At first read, the one statement I made in this blog in January 2010 as I looked forward to the coming year, now past, seemed reasonable.

What I said in January, 2010 was "Expect the unexpected, laugh when it arrives."

Oh ho. It's good I didn't know how right I was! If I had, I would have approached knitting in 2010 with a lot more hesitancy.

This was certainly a year of unexpected knitting projects. I was happy to hit upon a marketable sock pattern. I didn't expect to knit samples--5 pairs, actually 5 and one-half pairs, in the pattern.

I expected to knit a little something for a wedding at the end of the year. I did not expect to knit a bridal veil, certainly not using very thin silk thread.

I thought I'd be knitting a sweater with some silk yarn I bought in 2009. I didn't expect to knit a stole. I never expected it would block out so large. I had originally hoped I could give it to the bride to wear during the reception. I didn't expect that she would wear it as part of her going-away outfit. (I loved that she did, though.)

I'd say that my resolution for 2010 was right on point. Following it, I somehow should have expected all those unexpected events. In the superstitious fear that the resolve in some strange way might have shaped the year, I'll try to be more careful when I prepare my resolutions for 2011. In these last few days of 2010, I'm preparing for next-year's knitting.

I have all my yarn wound. I have my patterns queued, and have marked a reasonble number to be knit in 2011. I've settled on 15, allowing room for an few unexpected projects.

But before the end of this year, I need to finish that fairly useless fair isle project.

It's a pair of boot toppers. All I've done so far is the hard part, the cuffs. They need an edging to stop the curling at the bottom, inner cuffs to stop the curling at the top and hold them in the boots, and a good blocking. All of that will improve their looks. I consider these simply decorative, not functional--of no real use--unless they keep your legs warmer? They're an impulse project that occurred to me when I was looking at these boots the other day, just what no one needs--boot cozies!

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RosalĂ­a said...

Have you a Happy new year with a lot of inspired creations!

Wool Winder said...

I love the action shots of the wedding knits. The veil is even more beautiful on the bride than I could have imagined. You really outdid yourself this year.

Zibeline Knits said...

I'm really glad that you knit the monkey socks. I've been debating about doing this pattern--always hesitant to use a variegated with a lacey pattern, but I love variegated sock yarn--and seeing yours has convinced me to add this to my plans for 2011 knitting. Beautiful work, as always!

vlb5757 said...

Happy New Year to you! The vale turned out lovely as well as the shawl and the boot cuffs. I think they all look wonderful. I am so impressed at the complexity of your projects. 30 projects? I don't think I have done that many. This year I will try and step up my game. I might even finish a sweater I started! Happy knitting this new year!

sheepkins said...

how wonderful...i lovelovelove the bootwarmers!!