Sunday, December 12, 2010

Knitting Dam Broken

Ha, being a fan of double entendres and puns, I am pleased with the title of this post. I composed it to announce that the bit of a knitting block I experienced after finishing three projects in a short space of time was miracously broken the other night by something I read in another knit blog. I was hoping that just looking at Ravelry projects would do the trick, but it didn't. However, reading a few blog posts served to remind me that I had the perfect sock project waiting to fill the gap left when I finished these...

Details: Kaiso Socks from Knitted Socks East and West, Unisono yarn. Ravelry page here.

Yes, things are done, beautiful blue socks for me, a wedding veil for the bride, and my shawl for the wedding.

Details: Tibetan Clouds Beaded Stole from The Knitter's Book of Wool, Louisa Harding Mulberry yarn. Ravelry page here.

I can't believe I considered not blocking this shawl. It is so much better after a full wet block, lighter, smoother, shinier. The beads are more obvious and the drape is enhanced.

What's next? I did start those socks I've been mentally designing for weeks, but they take a bit of thinking. And, honestly, I've got two tv-watching spots. I need a project for each.

Thus, I'm very happy to have settled on a simple project, with pre-wound sock yarn, following a set pattern.

Monkey socks, once again, knit tighter this time. I'm so surprised by this yarn. It's a big skein of Austermann Step (Mit Aloe Vera und JoJoba Ol!) in what I thought was a super-unattractive colorway made tolerable by a sale price. It looks much better knitted.

It's a relief to find that my early failure to knit Monkey socks that fit has been remedied. All it took was a little sock-knitting experience. Smaller yarn, smaller needles, tighter gauge. Simple, of course, but the hard thing to accept is that socks must be knit smaller than your leg. They stretch to fit.

Oh, and the title--Dam Knitting, broken! Broken knitting, Dam! Broken Dam Knitting? (assuming there's a place named Broken Dam) The combinations amuse me.


vlb5757 said...

Firstly let me say-I like the the Monkeys and the yarn color in them. Have you tried the "No Purl" Monkeys? Even faster knit that the Monkeys. The shawls are both beautiful. I know the bride will be very pleased. I am working on a project now that is mind numbing and that's what I wanted after knitting mittens.

Wool Winder said...

The shawl is gorgeous!

Affiknitty said...

I'm happy for you that the knitting dam has broken! I'm also a fan of the knitting puns. : ) Both shawls and both pairs of socks are beautiful.

Marjorie said...

Those shawls are just gorgeous.

I'm vacillating over the desire to have many WIPs because I always have something to knit (mindless bits for days when I'm worn out, challenging knits for days when I want to be absorbed in a project) and the desire to actually finish something. The many WIPs have there allure, but I'm shifting back to project monogamy--even at the peril of some nights in which I just don't have a project that captivates me.