Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Knitting (not for me), the finale

Now that I've completed the Sweetheart socks, I can visually demonstrate the modifications I made to the pattern. These socks are not for me. They are for a man who is much more tender-footed than me. When I knit the first pair of socks for him, I used the Princess sole technique, reversing the normal stitch pattern for the foot so that the smooth stockinette is on the inside of the sole. The Princess sole pattern I used continued the slipstitch pattern from the heel through the heel-turn and along the arch of the foot, changing to reverse stockinette for the sole. (There's also a web-based pattern, for those who don't do Ravelry.)

This time, I continued the reverse stockinette background of the cable pattern down the foot, making the entire foot, both sole and instep, reverse stockinette. I figured a man's shoe would cover any pattern on the instep and saw no reason to continue the hearts down the foot. Just to jazz it up a little, I continued a couple of ribs from the leg down either side of the instep. Not that I purled the entire foot. I purled for a few rounds after the gusset, gradually changing the slipstitches to purls as I decreased away the stockinette gusset stitches. I was preparing to avoid purling.

The black and white photo shows (more clearly than the color ones, I hope) the wedge of purls growing while the gusset shrinks. It also shows that I forgot to continue slipping stitches when I turned the heel. I could have fixed that, but I'm not much for ripping out. Instead, I resumed slipping stitches after I picked up the gusset stitches. After completing the gusset decreases, I decreased away the two cable stitches on either side of the foot, leaving just the two ribs to separate the reverse stockinette foot from the sole. At the same time, I was changing the sole to reverse stockinette, so that I could turn the sock inside out. I then did one wrap and turn, and changed directions, knitting the rest of the sock inside out, effectively producing a Princess foot without purling (except for those few rib stitches, that is). I even knit the toe inside out and grafted the stitches in knit, just weaving in the end on the working side. I'm sure it will be a more comfortable sock since the inside is all stockinette.

There's just one more detail on the sole, where continuing the transition to purl resulted in a point on between the arch and the sole. Cute.
(I finally got the color right in this photo.)
With that, the third of my knitting for others projects is done. This one was particularly tough, since the Posh yarn was not very elastic for wool. I found the straining required to make cable crossings with tiny needles and inelastic yarn really hurt my hands. Once I used my sore hands and forearms to vigorously scrub the sink, the bath, or the usual other household tasks, I had to resort to wearing my braces at night for a while. I've recovered now, thanks to braces and time. Now the only pain I'm suffering is caused by the difficulty of the fourth and final project in my "not for me" series.

That's 2/28 silk, not fingering weight--it's lighter than that. Not cobweb, either. It's lighter than that. I'm knitting a lace wedding veil. It's really silk thread. This photo was taken over a week ago. Right now I've got nearly 200 stitches per row and have changed to a knitted lace, with yarn overs and decreases in the purl rows. It's is really making me ouch, but only in my head.

Probably that's why I didn't get to post this Sunday as I intended. I missed wishing everyone a Happy Halloween.

I'm glad I waited, though. Now I can brag on how thoroughly the Saints fans trounced the Guiness world-record for Halloween costume parties, with 17,777 people in costume attending the game Sunday night. They easily beat the old record of 500-some. The Saints also beat the Steelers. Go Saints! Go Saints fans!
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Wool Winder said...

That is truly a customized pair of socks. The recipient should love them.

I'm sure the veil will be stunning. Can't wait to see it.

How did you become a Saints fan? Are you originally from Louisiana? I lived in there until I was 14 years old.

Lies said...

Really nice socks! And the veil, that's quite an ambitious project (meaning I would never dare to start one of those). I'm really curious how that'll turn out. Good luck with it, it sure started out very nicely!

Affiknitty said...

Great socks! I like the idea of ST st on the inside. Thanks for the link.

Mardel said...

What a great pair of socks. I never thought of putting the stockinette on the inside but it sounds lovely.