Sunday, November 21, 2010

Completing Knitting Projects

I often worry about completing my knitting projects. When I first start a project, I experience an initial honeymoon-like phase during which I enjoy discovering how the stitch patterns and the design all work together. I pause frequently to relish the color of the yarn, searching the stitches for a hint of the end result. Once I'm familar with these details, the honeymoon is over. I've learned the pattern and figured out its tricks. I long for it to be done. I look at each project as an assignment, with a deadline, real or not. I work on it a set amount of time each day. It's the same approach I have always taken to work tasks, translated to play.

Although I long to cast on for something new, I squelch that impulse and work on the same two or three projects. Given that, I shouldn't have been surprised to find that I've finished two more pairs of socks.

I recommend the Wave and Pier pattern from the Little Box of Socks. It makes these striped Schoppel-wolle Admiral socks special. Even though these are 72-stitch socks, I was pleased to find that the yarn overs don't add too much stretch and that the fit is good.

It seems to have been a year of socks. With this last pair, I will have knitted 15 pairs this year.

Don't take this collage at face value. There's 15 pairs there, but some are from last year. I just used the photos I had handy. A complete accounting follows, with links to the Ravelry page for each project.

January -- PhD Socks
February -- Original Burning Stripes (started then, finished later) and Green Envy
March -- Burning Mafeet
April -- Entrelac beats pooling
May -- Crazy BS and Heel First
June -- Favorite Fit
July -- Mini Mochi
August -- Preppy Stripes and Oops, A Sock
September -- Red Socks
October -- Rudolph's Socks
November -- Tiger Socks and Bright Hexagons
December -- Another Kaiso is in progress, scheduled for completion in December

Not that there's any reason to complete my current pair of socks by the end of the year. However, if things go as usual, I will. I do allow that this wasn't an average knitting year for me. There's nothing like knitting pattern samples to increase project output. Between that and pairs I've given away, I've only kept five pairs for myself. Nonetheless, I think this accounting proves that being a bit single-minded pays off. It certainly produces socks.

Not all of the socks are sucess stories. This one isn't.

These Hexagon socks were a funny, frustrating mess. Although I was eager to cast on as soon as I saw them on the cover of Think Outside the Sox, I was impatient with the knitting. I wasn't totally pleased with this Schoppel-wolle colorway and was confused by the pattern. Even though I made mistakes, I'm glad that they are d.o.n.e. and m.i.n.e. They are such attention-getters.

Yes, after having resisted sock knitting for years, I am a dedicated sock knitter. Even now, there is a skein of sock yarn sitting on the table behind me. It doesn't belong there. I keep it and the seven other skeins like it in a basket in the the other room. A couple of weeks ago, I got an idea for a pair of socks. After a few days of thinking about the idea, I selected the yarn. I took out the skein. Every day, I look at it and think about the socks. I look up stitch patterns. I try to mentally work through the heel turn. I think of what I'll write about the socks, and what I'll name them. I've checked the colorway on Ravelry to see how it looks knitted. I'd like to cast on, but I have held back. Even though I don't want to wait, I will. I'll wait until I finish the pair I am currently knitting. Because as much as I love knitting, I am compelled to finish.

It's like this blog post. I've worked on it for several days, but now it is d.o.n.e. I am happy.


pendie said...

I love all your socks; what an accomplishment. You do like your stripes, don't you?!

Wool Winder said...

Persistence and focus pays off. Fifteen pairs of socks so far this year is quite an accomplishment. Well done!

vlb5757 said...

I love how you have become a sock knitter and a good one at that. I am working on three different sock yarn projects right now of which only two are a pair of socks. I just love sock yarn. I can't wait to see your next pair of socks!

Unfurled said...

I LOVE THESE SOCKS. I would die to have a pair. I'm still hoping to learn granny squares. Maybe this is the year!