Thursday, October 7, 2010

Festival of wool, Taos style

Taos, New Mexico. The Wool Fest. The crowning touch to a perfect weekend.

It's no mistake that I chose this photo, with the Brooks Farm booth in it. I would have bought something from them. I certainly planned to, as soon as I saw their name on the vendor list. Instead, I looked at the animals.

There was a really amazing looking llama in the stall with this one.

His hair was so nicely combed out that his mane looked about 2-foot long. However, the closer I got to him with the camera, the louder he hummed. When he escalated it to something akin to a growl, I gave up. Really, I've heard alpacas hum during shows and I know it is a sound they make when nervous or distressed. I've never heard a llama make a sound, though. The few I've come in contact with seem eager and friendly, or at least curious and hungry.

There was a fellow (the keeper or owner of this animal, I assumed)standing by the stall who found it very funny. He and I were both laughing, but really, I didn't want to provoke the beast further. Llamas can be nasty mean if they want. I certainly didn't want to get spit on. Maybe he's the reason I didn't buy any llama yarn.

There was plenty to be had.

Here's what I did buy. There's Elsa Wool, which is cormo, a single hank of single-spun natural alpaca I couldn't pass by, and a pile of yarn from Cat Mountain, a vendor I first found during the wet, very wet, Fiber Festival at Pagosa Springs, Co. My success in finding Kimberly landed me another hank of sock yarn, as well as a more luxurious hank of sock yarn with cashmere in it, and a loop of Hand Painted Fusion, 100 yards each of 7 different yarns, all hand dyed in a single batch.

This should be very fun to play with. I tried to pick one with only three colors in it, so the pooling will be more controlled. The last bit I bought was pure fun. I picked a variety of colors from the odds and ends baskets at Lisa Joyce Designs. I've wanted some of these locks ever since I first saw them at MDSW.

I skipped buying them then because I had no idea how I use them. I'm still not sure, but these are spun a bit into lengths of curly yarn. Perhaps I'll find them easier to use. I was also tickled to get the Ravelry pin.

One final link--I saw a wonderful shawl at the Brooks Farm booth. There was a tremendous line. I didn't want to use up shopping time waiting to buy one pattern (and maybe a little yarn), but I've found it on line. It's by the Knitting Fairy, the Triple S shawl. I think it would be a great way to mix up sock or lace weight yarns.

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Wool Winder said...

Looks like fun. And you came home with some great yarn!

Mardel said...

It looks like it was a lot of fun. We were just discussing Brooks Farm at knitting group. A couple of us would shop there, but the lines and crowd are discouraging.

Affiknitty said...

What a wonderful weekend. I love all your photos. It looks like you picked some beautiful yarn!