Monday, October 4, 2010

Every knitter needs

Here are a couple more of my recent acquisitions, one won and one bought--

I settled on a yellow sock yarn, Sunlight in the Simply Socks Simply Solids for yet another (how generous) prize in Elinor's Socks Revived Contest. I couldn't be more pleased with it. It's a match for my latest sweater, it's incredibly soft, it's calling me to knit. Too bad I have so much else going on. It will be knit soon, though. Thanks, Allison! I love it. In fact, I'll likely look there for my next solid sock yarn purchase, especially since I got the color card in my order.

Snuggled next to it is the latest, least-techy row counter ever. I was absolutely set on buying a counter for multiple-chart projects, expecting I'd settle on an electronic gadget of some type. Then I read the reviews. I decided that IF I'm knitting a complex cabled item, one that usually has me using 3 different row counters (and struggling to remember if the red one is for the first chart and the green one for the third, or vice-versa), I don't need to worry about how to use a complex electronic gadget as well. Not that I couldn't handle it, really. But the kicker is that I'm not sure how I'd mark which chart goes with which count, and the gadgets don't hold a count very well if they get bumped in a tote bag.

Then I found this basic, simple, easy-to-use counter. It's designed, I think, for machine knitters, but I've already found it easily adaptable. With this goody, I might even be able to dispense with my pages of hand-written row counts I use to track increases and decreases.

Thanks, Mariette!

That's the commercial break for this month. Knitting will resume with the next post. I hope.

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