Saturday, September 18, 2010

Knitting Gold

If by chance you are thinking about taking a drive in the Colorado mountains to see fall color, now is the time. I recommend Marshall Pass.

I have never seen the aspen as bright as I did today. It is probably the coincidence of weather conditions, mostly that it's dry and sunny. Too dry, I know, the danger of wildfire is ever-present, but the visual effect is stunning.

The gold, the green, and the contrast with the dry, dry sagebrush, oh my!

If Marshall Pass (off Highway 50 in southeastern Colorado) is not convenient to you, I can also recommend Ohio Creek road from north of Gunnison to Crested Butte. Nearer to Denver, I hear that Guanella Pass is pretty, but I'm not sure how the color is there this year. It's on my list of places to go.

Meanwhile on my list of yarn to knit is this gorgeous pile I recently ordered.

It's funny how the golds, browns, and greens echo the fall colors. I ordered this a few weeks ago, though, when I went on a spending spree with some of my paypal-pattern funds. It's primarily Enya sock yarn from Saffron Dye Works. I haven't knit it yet, just put it in my "to-be-wound" box. However, I'm very pleased with the look and feel of it so far. The colors look as great in person as they did on line. I'm letting myself dream of a shawl combining colors from the three leftmost hanks, but not ruling out just knitting pretty socks. The lavender hank is laceweight, just enough for a small shawl. I can't say why I bought it exactly, but it and the sale-priced sock yarn hank on the right put this order into the free shipping category. I think I'll go back to Saffron Dye Works whenever I want a treat.

I'm afraid that most of my yarn purchases are either treats or bargains. I buy yarn because I like the color, the texture or the price. Lately, I've thought more about planning my purchases. Today, as I held a single yellow leaf in my hand, I thought it would be fun, and perhaps a little smart, to take a handful of leaves on my next yarn shop visit.

I thought I'd use colors of the leaves to select yarn, imagining a design based on Meg Swansen's Aspen-yoke sweater. It would be fun to knit in yarn that matched the actual yellows, reds and golds of the leaves, with a dark green for contrast. Uh-oh, I feel a stranded knitting urge coming on. I need to finish that lace shawl first, though. At least it's gold.

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Nature Drunk said...

Thanks for the great post and beautiful photos of Colorado. As I read, I was reminded of last fall when I took my son to Paonia, my home away from home, for Color Sunday. I have been missing Colorado, but your post put a smile on my face and gave me something to look forward to. Thank you.

Marjorie said...

Saffron Dye Works is on my Rav bookmarked list of vendors. I'll be eager to see how it knits up. When it comes to sock yarn, I've shown very little restraint, and probably will continue to do so at the fall fiber fairs.