Thursday, July 15, 2010

Close to home

But not quite home. I've gotten to go a few new places this summer. One trip allowed me to hit the usual Denver hot (maybe too hot) spots.

There was the 16th street pedestrian mall--lots of stores, full of bargains. I found a bag in Gap that I thought would be great for knitting projects, but I forgot to buy it. When we went back the next day, it was on sale, 40% off! Good thing, because I've since filled it with three or four of the several projects I have on the go right now.

A walk through the state and city buildings in downtown Denver produced both scenic urban photos and a strong desire to buy shorts and t-shirts. It's summer in Colorado, even in the mountains. Our walk was hot, but worthwhile.

The real purpose of our walk was to tour the Denver Art Museum. Talk about mountain views, it's full of western paintings, among other treasures.

Getting even closer to home provided views nearly as scenic as those in the museum. This one is only a few miles from my house. It's a little cooler here than it is in Denver, but only if one stays in the shade. I've spent some of my shady time knitting small, homey projects. I finished the pillow cover I knit to practice my fair isle techniques.

I should be ready to start that fair isle sweater now. Instead, I've started another pillow.

I looked at the yarn I had left from the first pillow and couldn't stop myself. I hope this one uses up most of the leftovers. Otherwise, there might be a third pillow soon. They're quick, easy and small, the perfect summer knitting. I'm so glad I finally finished my long-term sweater project and can bounce around from one little project to another. With a little perserverance, I might have a few more finished projects by the end of the month.

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Mardel said...

Oh fun! I hope you have more finished projects. I can oggle them and try not to think of my mounting pile of unfinished projects.

Wool Winder said...

It's a bonus when practice knitting results in a finished object. Love the pillow and the new one on the needles.