Thursday, July 1, 2010

Aspen and Maroon Bells

As I said in my last post, we wanted to go to Aspen before the 19th.

Despite all the snow at the pass, Aspen was lovely as usual. There were several people cavorting around the ski area on gliding parachutes, adding to the festivity I feel whenever I feel when I visit Aspen. It's a fairly large town, with lots of tourists making it busy. Although we ate downtown, we didn't spend much time in town this trip. We were determined to visit Maroon Bells before the parking was limited to buses on June 19th. In the busy summer months, you have to catch a bus to ride into the area. (Although the bus is free from downtown Aspen, K has an aversion to public transit--mostly to the waiting in lines that is part of riding airplanes, buses, etc.)

Once we parked just below the Bells, there was only one form of transit--feet! I highly recommend this wilderness area. It's beautiful, easily accessible, and peaceful. We walked farther than we have in a long while, enjoying the views and the nice trails. The red, or maroon, color that gives these mountains their name is actually more apparent on the nearby peaks.

Since this trip, I've been fiddling with the colors in a ball of Toasty Toes sock yarn, trying to figure out what suits it. I started with a cabled sock, cuff down, but found all the cables make it too tight. It won't even go over my heel. To make it worse, it is pooling. I then thought I'd try a toe-up sock, since I'd be able to adjust the fit as I knit and find a stitch count that overcomes its tendency to pool. I knit the toe twice, in Reynolds Sea Wool, but it is still too big.

Since I'm having success with the Mini Mochi version of my sock pattern, I've settled my favors on it and ripped out the Toasty Toes.

One last, iconic, shot of the Bells. One of my neighbors inspired this visit. She raved about the area when she took her family there. She was amused by her daughter, who asked upon first seeing this view, "Mom, is this real, or did they build it to look like this?" She's right, it seems too good to be true.

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Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. Looks like a great place to visit.