Sunday, June 6, 2010

Running down the road

I'm really pleased with the fit of the Pyroclastic pattern. It has sat in my "to be knit" queue for a long time, so long that I wasn't sure why it was there. It seemed so crazy, with a set of increases and matching decreases to shape the sole, that I stopped them once I reached the ball of the foot. The result is worth the effort, though. The fit is perfect. (The yarn is Pagewood Farms Yukon, merino with a bit of bamboo making it soft and smooth.)

The fit on my Annetrelac socks is good, too. I modified the leg by decreasing the blocks from 6 stitches to 5 stitches after the first two tiers. This made the third tier more of a rectangle, since I started with 5 stitches but needed enough rows to decrease away six. Once done, though, the transition is not noticeable, and the leg is narrower.

I like this method of shaping entrelac. I've seen a pattern or two that might use it.
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Wool Winder said...

Very unusual design on the first sock. Both fit well and look good!

Marjorie said...

Those are nice socks. I got a better sense of the shaping from your photo than that on the original.