Saturday, April 17, 2010

Burning Stripes socks, 2nd pair

Nearly three months after falling into sock design, I finished the pair that inspired the Burning Stripes pattern.

I intended to rip out the first sock, since it was victim to the experimentation and mistakes that go along with pattern development. However, the yarn had other ideas. Zauberball is a fuzzy single that sticks to itself too much to allow easy ripping. After struggling to rip out an inch of the toe, I gave up and reknit the toe tip with a bit of orange yarn I had leftover from the other pair.

I liked that effect enough to repeat it in the second sock. Using the ivory in the long toe I chose for this sock inevitably leads to the toe tip being darker, giving it a dirty look. The toe in this pair is a bit longer than the striped toe of the other pair, making these socks fit more loosely than the first pair. I'm happy enough with these socks to gift them. The recipient needs a larger sock than I do. It's good they worked out, since I wouldn't really want another pair so similar to the one I finished last month.

As I knit the second sock, I referred frequently to the pattern to check it. The first thing I noticed is that the 3x1 ribbing in the cuff is tighter than a 1x1 ribbing or a 2x2 ribbing would be, especially since this version has a longer cuff. (I later decided it is longer than necessary and used a shorter cuff in the pattern.) Those who bought the pattern should plan to cast on more stitches if they need a wider cuff. I'd suggest changing the type of ribbing, but I haven't tried any others yet. I really like this cuff with the sock--it looks so much like stockinette and blends the cuff nicely with the leg. If the wider cuff turns out to be too large in the ankle, the stockinette pattern makes it easy enough to decrease stitches in the leg. I'd pair the decreases on either side of the seam line.

I concentrated on the heel instructions while finishing up this pair, trying to work up a pattern addendum. As we drove through the Texas hill country last week to admire the wildflowers, I was taking pictures and worrying about this heel.

Even the abundant bluebonnets and indian paintbrushes didn't distract me.

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Wool Winder said...

I thought your wildflower photos looked familiar. :)

We were in Kyle (near Austin) last week. Where were you?

I like the orange bit on the sock toes.

Monika said...

I always tailer my socks to my feet. I've cast on 68 sts for the cuff, decreased after the cuff to 64sts, and decreased after the heel to 60 sts. which is perfect for my feet. My daughter needs a different sts count, so I'll do that differently. I don't need a pattern to tell me exactly what to do, but I guess some do.
I love your pattern for several reasons. First how the yarn and its color changes works, how the contrasting stripe looks down the leg, and of course the heel as well. I like this pair of socks a lot, probably because orange is one of my favorite colors. :o)

Mardel said...

I'm looking forward to starting this sock pattern, when I finish my current pair of heathered solid socks. I am working in fits and starts so probably another month or so. I like the way you did the heel and the way you work the stripes, as well as all the information you give.

One of the things I love about socks is the ability to try them on adjust the fit as needed, as I tend to make socks that fit my specific feet. I see the pattern as a design guideline. But I do think that it is wonderful that you have provided such detailed information for those who need it.

vlb5757 said...

I see from your pictures that you were in my neck of the woods. I am from Texas Hill country and miss the Bluebonnets every spring while we live here in VA. I do miss the fabulous fields of Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes. The socks like really wonderful. All your hard work paid off! I love the stripping. Looks really good.

Charlene said...

Going to give it a go with Burning Stripes. Love the pattern. Found your blog through Smoking Hot Needles. Beautiful photo's!

Anonymous said...

I love wildflowers.