Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More yarn expected

The Ravelympics project went well. Energized and motivated by the contest, I finally cast on for a huge stole in cashmere and silk Superior laceweight yarn.

One ball later, it was obvious that it won't be huge with the yarn I have on hand. What's more, The intended recipient, a picky (aren't they all) bride, doesn't approve. This project has been put into hibernation to be brought out when I figure out what to do with a longish rectangle of fluffy lace. It might become a scarf, the back of a sweater or a pillow top.  Either way, more yarn is needed.

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Wool Winder said...

It's always fun to see what you have planned.

Marjorie said...

I love the lace pattern you're using for that shawl/scarf.

Some of the older VK patterns are great, and, with tiny bits of tinkering to make the shape more modern, end up as excellent projects. I like your choice.

Thanks for the heads up on Posh Yarns. I have fogged up my monitor in the past looking at their offerings. It is lucky there's no drool on my screen. Unfortunately, I'm headed for a tax month (lots of cash out and not so much in), so I may need to wait, but I used the favorable pound-dollar rate to acquire an Alice Starmore kit. Perhaps I should head back to Virtual Yarns also. (I'm about to get a new assignment, and if I do, a treat is definitely in order.)

Patricia said...

Thanks for the Posh tip. I have been wanting to try her yarn ever since listening to and interview on KnitCast. The reasons I held off were much like yours, coupled with the availability.
As for the coat-to-be, what's not to love in a Nora pattern? They are all so clever.