Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Greening the knit

My knitting seems to be stuck in a green phase. Maybe I wish it was spring?

Green no. 1:

Mark one Citron shawl finished. If you've been considering this enormously popular shawlette pattern, you should cast on. The pattern is a wonder of simplicity and style. The Kami bison yarn is a marvel. A marketing marvel, mostly. It's primarily bamboo, with merino and a little bison fiber to fuzz it up. I'm glad there was enough in the single hank I bought to make a Citron. I didn't have to buy the brown yarn to finish it out per the pattern. Once I added that sixth repeat, though, I needed the brown. Since it brought out the brown highlights in the Kami, using it was better than not.

The brown is a made-in-China bargain, an extremely thin (even thinner than the laceweight Kami) merino and (oh!) acrylic golden brown yarn with bright green bits, the aptly named Ethereal. The the shiny green bits are probably the acrylic. It's a bit of an odd mix, but no stranger than the bamboo in the Kami.
The result is a light, drapey shawl that wraps well and stays put, except in a high wind.

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Kristen said...

Beautiful Citron. I really need to make one now.

Wool Winder said...

Green has been good to you. Nice projects!

Marjorie said...

I've been breathing heavily each time I open a seed catalog, so perhaps it is that time of year when we've had enough winter.

I do like that shawl a lot.

Patricia said...

Green must be in the air as I have also been knitting 3 project in just those shade. Thanks for the Citron review. I was hesitant. I did see a great bright yellow one on Ravelry, but I love the detail on the edge of your shawl.
I understand the little bit of sock angst. They will look great with a pair of jeans and loafers.