Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Circles, cows and handknit socks (again!)

There's a small herd of longhorn cattle on the edge of town. Usually they range across a large field, well out of camera reach. Last Saturday, on my way to the yarn shop, a few of them were idling along the fence line.

This black and white beauty seemed especially disposed to being photographed. I told her how gorgeous she was, how pretty her picture would be. (Growing up on a cattle farm might have something to do with my talking to cows.) In response, she struck a pose.

She really worked it. As proof, after I snapped a few shots, praising her all the while, I called "Thank you!" At that, she turned away and began grazing. Obviously, she and the others in the herd are used to modeling.

The backdrop for these two is Mt. Shavano. I've mentioned the "angel" on this mountain before. After the snow melts a little, she'll be visible in between the two peaks on the right, for the first time in the decade. Prior to the last snowfall, the first decent one of 2010, she was looking a bit too slim.

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Wool Winder said...

I love the photos of the longhorns against the mountains! Looks like RH sock yarn is working up well for those socks. Good to know.

Lauréole said...

thanks for sharing those nice shots! The cow's horns are very impressive! I've just read the story about the Shavano angel. One thing I will already know about Colorado ;-)