Sunday, January 10, 2010

2009 was a good trip

All through last year, my Subaru brought me to: 12 historic buildings; 11 bucks and magpies; 10 fourteeners; 9 bells a ringing; 8 rafters winning; 7 llamas lleaping; 6 room cottage; 5 feathered headless chicken; 4 burros beaming; 3 lost deer; 2 lilacs blooming; and a lift ride by the flocked fir trees.

I left out the cadillacs, but you can sub them for the lilacs if you like the sound of it better.

While riding along in said Subaru, I was mostly knitting. 34 items, in fact, during 2009. I thought of doing a recap of the items, the best, the worst, the most worn, the worn-out. However, the best are in the "finished items" slide show on my blog and the worst are best forgotten. As far as the most worn, my favorites seem to be the ones I knitted at the beginning of the year. Either my knitting skills are diminishing (hope not!) or it takes a while before I learn to love what I knit.

Never mind all that. I'm using the old knits and must knit more.

Note:  Some, if not all of the 12 posts I linked above may be gone now.  I've edited my blog, eliminating the less popular posts and photos.

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vlb5757 said...

Very cute! I clicked on the links to remind myself what you have knit. I didn't realize how much you got done for '09. Thirty some odd projects blows my amount out of the water. I look forward to seeing what you create this new year. Loved the year in reveiw!

Patricia said...

Love the anniversary socks. They look like Nancy Bush knits to me. You surely had an adventuresome 2009 and I enjoyed reading about your travels. i hope that 2010 brings you to many more places and gives you time for mores socks and sweaters.

Marjorie said...

Nice projects--I particularly like the socks.

I can never figure out what will be my favorite projects. I tend to save the really pretty ones for special occasions and wear the less successful more often (a shawl used for TV watching, sweaters I'll be willing to leave in my health club locker). I'm thinking that it might be better to plan from the start what will be workhorse clothes and what will be for special occasions, rather than leaving it all to chance.