Monday, November 9, 2009

Knitting a cabled sock

My project of choice for a trip was cables mixed with cross-ribs.

Blog browsing before I left rewarded me with a look at just how soft and phat a cable can be. I kept seeing it afterwards, superimposed over whatever I was knitting, a cabled sunspot of a memory. It was a sock pattern from a book I don't have and don't want to buy. I tried so hard to ignore it that I forgot, briefly, where I saw it. Just before the trip, I realized it was something I couldn't ignore and that the purply-pink yarn I had been toting around since mid-summer might serve to replicate it. Never mind that I had already selected a pattern for the yarn, a rare (for me) matching of pattern with the recommended yarn. I hadda stick a cable into it.

(Brown Sheep Wildfoote sock yarn and Nancy Bush's Diagonal Cross-rib socks is undeniably a winning combo. If I did it over without the cable, I'd take advantage of the thin yarn and knit it on small needles at a very tight gauge to make it better fit a woman's foot. Wildfoote smooths out so nicely when stressed.)

Not just any cable, either, it had to be a plush, wide, lush cable on the side or, as the photos show, on both sides. It turned out ok, was engrossing to knit, and made the sock fit better. (The pattern is sized for a man's foot.) Although it isn't very true to the original inspiration, it is satisfactory enough. (It's the 2nd image on the Green Apples blog post I linked. Dangerous blog; the photos are outstanding.)

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Wool Winder said...

The cable socks turned out great. Good luck on your new project.

vlb5757 said...

My goodness, those are some killer cables on those socks! I love the shrug. I like how simple it is. You have been way more busy than I have been. The colors we saw in WV while traveling was by far the prettiest color we have ever seen. Such a pleasnat drive to WI. This is my favorite time of year to travel.

Wool Enough said...

I love your big squooshy cable. It adds distinction to what is otherwise a fairly ordinary -- though charming -- pattern.

Marjorie said...

I love those shoes.

Your socks look terrific, and I wish that actress on the Progressive commercial could hold still so we could get a better look at the sweater.