Monday, September 28, 2009

Not quite Kitty

You never know how long a streak of pretty days will last this time of year, especially in the mountains. I figured I'd better get it together and get outside for photos.

The photos came out ok. As for the sweater, let's just say that the pattern designer, Louisa Harding, and I differ in our ideas of the ideal sweater. Not that this is bad. It's pretty nice, really. It was also quite easy to knit. But then there's the fit. Following the instructions for my size (36") would have produced a sweater with 4" of ease. A little caution led me to select the 34" size, resulting in one with almost no ease in the hips and, inexplicably, 4" of ease in the bust. I'd say this pattern could benefit with a little shaping in the waist and bust.

Never mind, it's pretty enough. Shaping complicates things, especially in a cable and rib pattern. It's the cable pattern that requires a big confession. It's wrong. Totally off. Not that the cables are difficult. I crossed those cables every 8 rows, faithfully and accurately, throughout the back, fronts and sleeves. No errors are evident. It was only upon carefully checking the pattern photo as I prepared to pick up stitches for the button band that I realized--they are supposed to be crossed every 16 rows!

No only is this a huge difference, the large, deep cables were the one aspect of the pattern that convinced me that I wanted to knit this sweater. That's why I consider this sweater "Not Quite Kitty".   For more detail on this sweater, check my Ravelry project page.

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