Sunday, April 5, 2009

Springy hand-knit socks

The socks are done. In fact, they are awaiting a wash--I gave them a test wear so I could decide if they are truly "spring socks".

They are. Perhaps I'm swayed by the lacey bits or by the colors, which do evoke the first glimpse of leaves on a young aspen, but they do feel a bit cooler to me. For now, I'll believe it is the seacell content, even though these socks are 70% merino. I wore them all day on a fairly warm day last week and didn't get the urge to take them off. I usually peel off my regular hand-knit socks by two in the afternoon on a day I consider "t-shirt" weather (meaning I don't need a sweater or jacket over my shirt).

I'm not talking about hot days, though. If it is humid, and the temps are in the 80s, I'm wearing sandals, without hand-knit socks. I'm crazy, but just about knitting, not about wearing hand-knits all the time.

I definitely went a little crazier with this sock, matching the ribbed cuff to the lace pattern of the leg:

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Wool Winder said...

Good news that socks are a decent match on color after all. Love that coverlet!

Wool Enough said...

The socks are lovely. And your photo is amazing too. Looks like a pic straight out of Vogue.

Also kudos on the cuff-to-leg and leg-to-heel transitions. It can be a lot of work to accomplish an effect like that, but it looks so terrific when completed.

vlb5757 said...

Nice looking socks! I am in the process of knitting that exact same pattern right now myself. Mine are a solid color. I do love the green though! Nice job matching the pattern to the ribbing.

Marjorie said...

The socks look terrific--it's a beautiful pattern. I really think that a lot of hand-dyed yarn evens out when you look at your finished item. I thought that my Tess Designer Yarn looked different as I added a new skein, but when the sweater was done, everything seemed just fine.

Have you ever tried cotton sock yarn? I have two skeins of cotton/wool mixes, as yet unknit. The intent was to use them for warmer weather. One is Sockotta and the other is Meilenweit. If I can every wean myself away from sweaters, I may get to one of these.

Sam said...

The socks look great, and I love that you have taken the pattern into the ribbing.